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My father has diabetes since from 17 years

He is now 50 years old he has 17years of diabetic patient . Recently for past 6months catract ,eye pressure is increased he consulted to doctor and he adviced to go ahead with surgery but for that he need to maintain sugar level . But it's not comes at normal level so can't do suregery so he worry about that so much results was fasting :218 and pp:341 please help me and suggest for my father

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please check 24 hours / 36 hours intermittent fasting on the below address intensivedietarymanagement.com . Sure you will have benefit.



Please be in touch with this forum. You have not mentioned the height and weight. But anyway there are two ways.

1) if it's very urgent to get him operated your doc can start insulin for a certain period of time until the surgery gets through and for postop period.

2) long term management is IDM. Low carb diet. As low as possible.

Wish him good luck.


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