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Diabetes and Continuous Knee Swelling

Hi All,

My father is 74 yrs old and suffering from joint pain. 7 months back Ortho Doctor advised for knee replacement(TKR) and admitted to hospital but because of hard swelling in right side of the knee they did a small operation and removed the the hard swelling. It got some infections and because of Diabetes it took long time to heal and Ortho doctors are not giving care for healing the wound. The joint pain got increased and my father is not able walk at all.

We went and consult a General Medicine who is specialist in diabetes care. After healing the first one one more swelling and got infected. This is continuing from past 6 months and had lot of antibiotics injections and tablets.

His health is week now and not able to walk at all. The infection in knee is not curing. We are in a difficult situation now and Doctors are not telling the route cause and they are treating to heal the wound every-time instead of find the route cause. We have asked a TKR can cure this but they are not advising for TKR.

Also we are confused now to go with Ortho or General Medicine to treat this. Appreciate your valuable suggestions to save my father and get him back to normal life.

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If I am not wrong,the small operation did for swelling is for removing water accumulation in knee through niddle and syringe.After removing this water is sent to lab.to find out about its detail.After this antibiotic dose is a must.Further diabetes must be under control all the time.HbA1c should not be above 7.Check all these factors and suggest to go for renown Ortho.Doctor for opinion.



Which city are you living in ? Well. It's of utmost importance to control D for better healing. Bone infections are very obstinate and may require local interference. First control D and then local interference. If you can come to ahmedabad i can certainly help you or go to an ortho who practice knee joint care only. Obviously he would be expert in arthroscopy.


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