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i have been suffering from diabetes for almost more than a decade, my diabetes is type 2; initially i was given oral medication but since there was no improvement they put me on insulin. I want you all to know that diabetes can cause a lot of problems, coz last year i had kidney failure and now i'am on dialysis three times weekly. Kindly take care of yourself if you have high diabetes along with uncontrolled blood pressure. This is just a word of caution

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  • Hello Moncatsvs and welcome to Diabetes India forum.

    Sorry to hear about your issues.

    Would you have any chance to get a kidney transplantation?

    And yes, alas all to often the internists only focus on the poorly controlled blood sugar but completely ignore the blood pressure seeming to be satisfied with prescribing some blood pressure medication but ignoring the fact that the blood pressures are still way too high.

    Feel free to look at other posts on the forum and ask any question - someone will always come up with an answer. Also have a look at the pool section.

  • Thanks

  • moncatsvs

    So sorry to hear about your kidney failure and dialysis. What is your s. creatinine level ? What is your age, height, weight and most importantly your diet ?

  • My creatinine is 10 and my age is 57, height is 5ft 11 inches, weight is 110 kgs, i eat alomost everything.

  • Unfortunately overweight caused by poor diet is one of the primary factor for diabetes type 2. There is little that can or will be done medically unless you adhere to a diet and exercise.

  • moncatsvs

    Your renal failure is due to bad or i should say worst eating habits and despite initial warnings - symptoms either you or your health care taker has not paid any attention.

    Well tell what your sonography reports say and what your nephrologist has to say in this regards.

    But you must change your eating habits. Go for very low carb diet 30-50 g per day and take lots of good fats. Trying keto diet for some time is worth for you .

    Let's all know what you do.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks for the aqdvice, will try it out and let you guys know.

  • sorry to hear this, god bless you

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