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Hello everyone. I am pleased to be introducing myself. I am a new member of the team ..

I have an interest in diet and nutrition.

Have qualifications in Understanding Health and food ..

I enjoy cooking have a wealth of knowledge spices herbs ..

I have myself a disabilty and mental health plus some other past health issues..

Recently advised members with diet nutritional problems around many health issues..

Including diabetes.

Happy to be supportive, offer compassion, empathy..

Please if you do have a question about diet nutrition or anything related please ask me..

Happy to help if I can...

Please can I thank you for reading and pleasure to meet you all.

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Welcome MrRigatoni!

Our members will get benefitted with your knowledge in Health and Nutrition.

MrRigatoniVolunteer in reply to namaha

Hello thank you for kind words..

Mentioned Spices controlling diabetes.

Question pleased to answer..

The main one one is Turmeric as it used extensively in Indian cusine has antibacterial anti-inflammatory properties.

The three I use these help me not having diabetes but maintain blood level sugar levels anti bacterial anti flammatory..

As we know those of us done research on spices some are effective useful contolling immune systems..

Which are essential in diabetes because of level of glucose and immunity connected...

Strong possibilities of infections, colds, circulation problems.. Especially feet ..

Cinnamon is one use this mornings breakfast oats low fat yoghurt and berries again antiflammatory antibacterial..

Fennel seeds add to pulses lentil dishes helps digestion i fact useful many times grateful... For my friends in the Indian Community advising me ..

As eating lots of beans chickpeas lentils helps stomach issues...

The other one use is Ground Coriander lemon scented buy ground ...

Mixed Garam Masala must not original recipe my own version..

Cumin, Coriander, Cinnamon, Fennel Seeds, Turmeric , Paprika dry fry or use powder fine half teaspoon each.. Turmeric less quarter no Ginger or Cloves, like Fenugreek when can get it..

Apologise for that know do tweaks twists based on Indian culture cuisines...

Can not eat chilli had health issues destroyed stomach lining since used Turmeric helps.

In everything..

Hope that answers your questions


Let us start....

Which Indian spices can help controlling diabetes ?🙂


Welcome to the group, MrRigatoni!😀👍🌈

Do you have some low carb. suggestions for the group to try for meals/snacks?

MrRigatoniVolunteer in reply to Activity2004

Hello yes I do .. Thank you for suggestion. I am pleased to do so..


Need Chapati or any bread Roti be fine.

Left over Biryani any vegetable.


Warm Chapati or Roti

Add warmed through Biryani top spread and roll up eat..

Could do this with Chicken Thigh and spicy paste..


Onions, garlic ginger paste. One teaspoon . Tomatoes, spices use Garam Masala oneteaspoon warm through leave it to simmer ten minutes add diced Chicken thigh keep medium heat till cooked ..

Open up Chapati or Roti spread on roll up add if you wish Coriander herb and chillies to taste..

Love Soup think a great snack helps the energy levels..

Always have soup ..



Onions sliced

Garlic Ginger Paste one teaspoon

Garam Masala one teaspoon

Turmeric one quarter teaspoon

Carrots sliced diced no need to peel..

Can Lentils drained..

Or use what you have..

Spilt yellow lentils red be fine.. veg stock cube crumbled in add water..

Curry leaves

Coriander herb shred..


Fry Onions Garlic Ginger Paste Curry Leaves medium heat.. Add Spices touch water prevents burning..

Of Spices add Carrots, Lentils cook till tender to taste ..

Add Coriander, end..

Serve takes twenty thirty minutes have small portion .. Good energised soup cheap..

Please can I suggest adapt these to your tastes abilities ..

Any questions happy to help..

Please take care thank you

Activity2004Administrator in reply to MrRigatoni

This sounds really good as a meal/snack. Thank you for suggesting it. :-)

MrRigatoniVolunteer in reply to Activity2004

Thank you just thinking about soup have bought those pre bought diced sliced vegetables..

In the supermarket sure you have them States used them.

No chopping add stock herbs all done for you and ready to eat..

Gets hungry around three so if eat something like this means less evening meal..

Means less food means one extra portion another day..

Helps in these hard times..

Other one wraps always got those breads in any left over stew ragu or curry rice useful to get rid, so do that..

Great idea for you if your cooking Sunday roast or as you do any joint of meat..

Have left over bits strips make a curry spice mix or even great use a sauce paste..

Get rids of wasted meat never good enough to waste foods...

Meat free Monday has to be...

All veggies fridge get used up Minestrone, spicy soup or anything soup stew slow cooker comes in to play here...


Welcome, Mr Rigatoni!

MrRigatoniVolunteer in reply to ramana42

Hello thank you pleasure to meet you..


Hello pleased to meet you .

Noticed your webpage live UK have you ever consulted..

Diabetes UK..


What type of diabetes do you have type 2 or Diabetes Mellitus IDDM or do you have Non insulindependent diabetes NIDDM or do you have any allergies health issues..

Connected with diabetes Hypoglycaemia, Glacoma, other eye issues.

Both types need different aspects of diet maintenance care..

Also my information is should be eating certainly small meals and two to three hours..

Noticed lots of comments on your webpage remarking certain questions.

Please have you spoken to a health support worker..?

Your surgery should be setting this up.

I know with everything happening COVID 19..

Doctor consults uses phone with my mental health..

If you not getting the answers you deserve need then perhaps need to find out am happy to help..

Diabetes I am not but am have been consulted others advising those with addictions..

Do not know this if you do alcoholism which I had lots of members on various websites.

Have diabetes due the high sugar contents. in alcohol...

I know had to help and be supportive , often if you can help yourself find some answers and support can be benefical to your wellbeing.

I noticed on your webpage many questions about Cinnamon and other aspects I can help there ..

Cinnamon along with Turmeric are known to reduce glucose sugar levels in food if taken in small quantities..

If you wish to could contact well being service free Uk or use council health service or if have a mental health condition..

Which I know can be destressing as many times advise many members with mental health had diabetes as well.

Signs of diabetes through anxiety not eating the correct diet too much sugar junk food as ageing older damaging pan and so need to change diets..

Used mental health charities if you are resident Uk as you webpage says...

Advisors wellbeing floating support on a range of health issues are available in the branches..

Education learning and knowledge the key..

Give these to you now...




Please what are you eating now may I ask a diet for a diabetic should include the following..

Vegetables, fruits not ones too sugary Mangoes Grapes eat too many levels glucose go up..

So could start the day Porridge top with low fat yoghurt skimmed milk or use Soya or Almond milk..

Frozen berries defrosted touch Cinnamon.

Lunch times Omelettes, Frittattas, Soup, Tortillas..

Poached fish vegetables rice..

Evening meals Meat free Monday use up fridge soups..

Chicken Thighs, boneless skinless with rice whole grains spices plenty vegetables..

Turkey Thigh Peppers Courgettes Legumes, use Coucous, Bulghar Wheat..

Use Seafood mixes Prawns, Squid, Mussels, Trout, Mackerel, tomato based sauces..

BBC food website had loads of recipes..


Has a section diets say diabetic type in comes up lots suggestions ideas..

Hope that helps

Thank you..

JerryAdministrator in reply to MrRigatoni

This is very helpful so thank you MrRigatoni as you’ve gone out of your way here for sandybrown and I am sure that your help is appreciated.


Hello potatoes used a lot in Curries especially if no rice regions or those areas lacking places to grow many vegetables... Lentils so on the recipes..

Chickpea Potato Spinach very much a excellent Curry or Cauliflower Potato Spinach Chickpeas..

Used recipes many include potatoes can use swaps Butternut squash or Swede or other roots ... Sweet Potatoes valuable source of beta caretone..

With any changes it is finding out what suits you..

Research mentioned this, I sit down super market web sites note pads.. Making notes find out .. Use many have free from lines products..

Ask them call want your business, I often do.

With any diabetes can use whole grains avoid white rice pasta and include plenty of vegetables..

I do understand restrictions diet have do respect this could add use a food diary plan..

Create recipes make them write these up note in each recipe the calorific content salt sugar sometimes does a lot for own issues..

Can also add use make stocklist of foods to use safely..

When I shop have folder of food grocery items know helps me..

Good to use because stock check before you buy might have items groceries.

Mentioned spice mixes..

I buy the following ..

Garam Masala, Cumin, Ground Coriander, Cinnamon, Ginger ground, Garlic Ginger powder pastes...

Spices other Paprika, Fennel Seeds, Turmeric..

Pateks do a spice paste has sugar in it could ask them any they make sugar free, often can be useful..

Do not use chilli .. No need...

Coconut Milk might be too sweet could use low fat yoghurt to cool down ..

Hope that helps answered happy to suggest anything..

The glycaemic-load (GL) of a food is determined by the dividing the glycaemic-index by 100, and multiplying by the amount of available carbohydrate. This is the biggest determinant of blood glucose.

This might sound a bit complicated. What it means in practice is that choosing a lower Gi food may have some benefit, but what has most impact is eating food that has less carbohydrate in it.

So, since many whole-grain foods or potatoes are high in carbohydrate and have a higher Gi than refined table sugar, they should only be eaten in tiny amounts if at all.

Another problem is that removing fat (cutting the fat from protein, or choosing lower-fat dairy for instance) raises the demand for insulin, which is as negative a factor as high blood glucose.

God bless you MrRigatoni .

MrRigatoniVolunteer in reply to StillConcerned

Hello pleased to meet you.

Thank you explaining GI I did know this..

Understand many facets to diabetes many contridictions what you can eat and can not..

I apologise if make some errors does not bear well with me..

I am new to the role and have do experience knowledge of diet nutrition..

I do know and eat the Meditterean diet paleo as this is recommended by Diabetes organisations and as many other health charities welfare..

Including mental health and most those suffering addiction..

I am aware of the suggestions put on my post and have looked ar various websites mentioned whole grains and those such as Porridge my error..

Mistake and other types of Pasta Rice so on but can be used again confusion here website..

Small portions whole grains whole wheat so on ..

I know can be a minefield for every one and am trying to read the information supplied..

Not every easy to help some one and being misunderstood.

Thank you for your time and kind words.

Don't apologise MrRigatoni . What you put is perfectly in accordance with most health authorities. The issue is that until relatively recently people with diabetes were expected to worsen and need increasing amounts of medication/insulin that also negatively impacts health.

Unfortunately, even now it has been demonstrated that reducing carbohydrate intake prevents that outcome, most authorities are still stuck in the paradigm of outlawing fat intake based on a flawed theory, rather than the measurable improvements of lowering GL. Some would argue they are more interested in maintaining their financial interests in the status quo, or avoiding litigation if they were to concede the advice given for decades has been ill-informed.

This is only the beginning; most people (not just those with diabetes) would improve their health by eating less than half the RDA for carbohydrate and getting most energy from natural fat (3:2 monounsaturated to saturated). It's the way our body uses its energy, and our digestive system is such that we are designed to eat pretty much what we use, not convert it as a gorilla/chimpanzee does for example.


Hey welcome MrRigatoni and thanks for joining us as a volunteer I’m sure you’ll be appreciated. 👍😊


Hello thank you for comments..

I am sorry if you think have made some errors or mistakes or describing what you need for a diet..

I am just new to this role and do have a lot of knowledge expertise and experience...

Of dealing with health issues...

It all depends what sort of diabetic you are and what sort of diet you required...

I did actually look at various websites do have my own files research so obviously you knew the answers before I replied..

I did also look at your own webpage..

So did have some ideas of maybe conflicts of interest...

All illness conditions has misunderstanding confusion mixed messages..

One school of thought says can not have fruit diabetic because of sugar contents certain ones we need fibre.

Mentions websites not to eat Pasta Rice carbs of any sorts but depends on severity of diabetic condition..

Understand whole grains oats may be a problem barley and anything like that.

Could use Quinoa, Couscous does actually say you read the website notes small portions but it like every one who is in any quandary with their health..

I met two ladies advised both eating same foods both diabetic actually and both needed to lose weight.

One did one did not because of the metabolic rate and also the issues with iodene and thyroid which can inhibit weight loss..

All of us have different ways to suggest ideas and inititives ..

There is help out there but is your responsibilty to seek this find this..

I used mental health charities got my food health qulifications through them ..

Worked as volunteering many websites some charities kitchens and learnt the skills asked for for my own issues.

I have mental health loads of contraditions and also alcoholism the amount of units are your clear on your units..

Every one has an opinion a view and maybe need to think ..

I have just started in this role and you making it clear to test me as seems so..

I do understand maybe need some explainations what exactly sort of diet and nutrition you need if you do then ..

Have you looked at the various websites.

Consulted and read the work of Doctor Ian Marber known as The Food Doctor or read of the books by AWT ..

Anthony Worrall Thompson famous chef actually a diabetic could not find the food he wanted so created the cook book.

AMAZON has a section on diabetic cookbooks and plans need to say more have a look..


Understand the answers you seek but it also up to you to be responsible as mentioned..

Thank you

Activity2004Administrator in reply to MrRigatoni

Yes, brown rice and sweet potatoes are lower in the carbs. than white/regular rice/potato. Sweet potatoes are 24 carbs. Regular potatoes are 26.

Thank you for that Activity2004 . Just to clarify that's per 100g, but the recommended portion size is much bigger nutrition.org.uk/attachment... , and far more than the body needs.

Also, the difference between 24 and 26 necessitates getting the scales out to tell.

Welcome to the forum MrRigatoni!

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