Diagnosed with liver Fibrosis F2-F3


I am a diabetic for more than 5 years and also had depression for last around 8 years. I have been using alcohol (which I thought was moderate, 90 ml a day, around 4 days a week and occasionally more) for last around 10 years.

During Fibroscan , I got diagnosed with Liver Fibrosis (9.7 Kpa) stage F2-F3, Doctor not sure if it is Alcohol induced or Diabetes induced. I have since stopped taking alcohol at all.

Last A1c was 7.9, it has always been under 8. Now I have been recommended Reclimet OD30 , because of which FBS has come down to 125-130 range and PPBS is even less. Lipids are normal as per last test , three months back.

I am very scared at the moment. Please advise ?


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