Case study: A fatty liver and a fatty pancreas

I saw Shae three weeks ago and am due to see her in another week. Since she has not been a type 2 diabetic for long, I expect she will be able to return her blood sugar level to normal and no longer be considered a diabetic. In the majority of cases it is also possible to completely reverse a fatty liver and fatty pancreas. Fortunately Shae has taken action before it’s too late.


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  • Apart from the writer trying to shift her very expensive (and totally unnecessary) pills there's not much I'd disagree with here. For once we are on the same page!

  • By the way pills are herbal ;)

  • I'm sure they are!

  • composition is given.... :d

    otherwise no remedy for fatty liver....

  • Agreed.

  • Sometime back I heard one elderly person saying that just eating dried sardines fried in dried leaves fire can cure fatty lever completely...not tried, but, someone else also too told me that it is a "Siddha" remedy...anybody who can put light to it in this forum?

  • hmmm don't know gphilip

    I need to search first what sardins are called in marathi....

    Just googled....but really don't know if they are available here... but no problem let us try.... atleast they don't have carbs...

  • Sardines are small oily fish related to the herring family. Don't know what they would be called in India, but it doesn't really matter so long as it's an oily fish. I also go for mackerel, kippers (smoked herring) tuna and anchovy (though in lesser amounts). Nearly all come in tins with either salt water or oil (preferably olive, as you can mash that up, or if sunflower - crack the can and drain off).

    Thanks for the mention cure.

  • hahaha MikePollard look how dear you are to me....I even know/remember what is your diet....

    And yes as Mike says these are oily fishes... sardin is rich with omega3. May be omega3 helps to regain sugar control to certain extent.

  • cure


    i don't understand why you all are looking for cure of nafdl in medicines and sardines when there is the easiest way - low carb diet. You have done it. Sardines are i think fish. Well as a food you can take but why specifically for fatty liver 🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒. Or we trust on medicines more than anything else in all the ailments ! Shardi ho gayi - medicines!! Loose motions ho gaye- medicines. For me medicines are last resort.

    And why do you want to kill sardines to remain alive ? Usko bhi zinda rhene ka hak to hai na.

  • Bhai suramo yes....usko bhi jine ka hak hota hi hai.....

    but जीवो जीवस्य जीवनं...that is what is rule of nature.... read here..


    This shows that a living being has to eat another living being to live a life. As we can see we cannot eat stones and sand to be alive. We have to eat only living beings such as plants, fruits, legumes, nuts, fish, animals etc.

    There is always a long and furious debate going on between people on vegetarianism vs. meat eating. People who stick to vegetarian diet do so for various reasons such as religious faith, moral grounds on not to kill animals, environmental reasons and more importantly for health and hygiene reasons.

    While plants, fruits, legumes and nuts have a life, it is of the thought that vegetarians cause less pain to these beings as compared to the pain and horror caused to the animals by the meat eater. At least we do not see the plants defending for their life and we also do not see any blood as we cut the plants. Also when we pluck the fruits from trees we think we are causing very little pain to the trees and also the tree continues to live. Nevertheless it is agreed we do cause minimal pain for the sake of our survival.

  • cure


    Kya bade bhai. Hum to yu hi comment kar rahe the. Just kidding. 😝😝😝😝

  • Oh yeah gphilip now remembered.... MikePollard every days eats one can of sardins.... he will be able to tell.....

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