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Please suggest AYURBED medicine for type 2 diabetic


Hello friends i am 27 year old . i have 5 8". I am suffuring type 2 daibetc from 1 year .actually I want to know that ayurbed medicine is really Help full for type 2 diabetes or not. which type of products i use for this. And how long i use this medicine.

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Please provide details about latest FBS,PPBS,HbA1c,diet etc.





Take Diabecon DS tablet (It's an ayurvedic medicine) from Himalaya Herbals, one each morning and night. It will definitely improve your FBS and PPBS both, as per my experience. You have to take that lifetime.

Taking Karela tablets two each morning and night again from Himalaya Herbals will also help regulate your blood sugar levels.

Consume any herb as in the whole form for ex,methi, garlic or Karla or could be anything. Ayurveda is only a substitute you will have to change diet and lifestyle drastically

There are so many medicine available in the market...but, it only controls...If you need a cure then WLMR is an option. If you practice yoga along with... better.

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what is meant byWLMR

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