Strange readings

Have gone five months without medicine and diet restrictions. After a leg injury, I was forced to quit exercise for a while. My fasting bg has gone up a bit. It was 104 today morning. I was expecting a high reading for postpradial. But, 1.5 hr postprandial reading was just 86! That was after a stomach full or rice and a double duck omelette.1.5 hrs was measure from the first bite, so I was aiming to catch the peak. What is going on?


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15 Replies

  • Haven't a clue! No - hang on.

    "Have gone five months without medicine and diet restrictions'

    "That was after a stomach full or rice"

    You are flooding your body with glucose and trying to tease out data?

    Are you a serious?

  • check your HbA1c and confirm

  • Get ur hb1ac &then celebrate.May be u were never a dibetic.

    Too good to be true but all the best

  • Most recent a1c was 5.1. I bet it has increased now, though.

  • kapilv

    Have you continued with your HIIT regime?

  • I had to discontinue it, due to a leg injury. I could not stand up for weeks.

  • Oh ok. Are you not observing any dietary restrictions at all?

  • Not really. That must be why my fasting sugar went up.

  • I see. Did the Siddha practitioner recommend any dietary restrictions to be followed for ever?

  • Yes, he did recommend staying off meat, eggs and fried foods.

  • OK.

  • jingale

    Ab ye hiit kya hai mere bhai.

  • suramo High Intensity Interval Training.

  • what si yoru dialy regime, diet execricses?

  • kapilv

    It doesn't spike after 1.5 hrs in a nonD or who has reversed D

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