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Put up weight

I have already posted to this community in this regard, no solution or replies satisfactory with my current problem. I am ages 47 and hieghng 175 cms and diabetes for past 8 years and my hba1c last 3 months back 6 and current fbs around 85 to 95 and pbs between 145 to 160. my medications glycomet gp .5mg each in morning and night, and everything seems to be normal until last month and half back. I lost almost 4 kg in these period till unable to put on weight.

My routines are a glass of coffee in the morning, 60 minutes moderate walking, breakfast 4 idli or 3 dosas, mid day a milk with snacks, lunch 200 gm rice and vegetables, evening milk along with biscuits 3 nos and dinner 3 chappathis or wheat dosa .....

I am still energetic but unreasonable weight lose make me feel sick

My around 59 kgs against 63 kgs 45 days ago. My Doctor said that nothing to worry about these weight lose, but it is really affecting my appearance.

Please advice

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You are having over control on sugar morning BS should not be below 100 .therefore better you may take 3 or 4 biscuits along with coffee in the morning before walking.That may help you.



Your diet needs attention. You are taking lots of cabs. Bring down carbs to 100 g/ day or less and that too low GI . I have a different opinion than clv1950. Your fbs around 80 is perfectly alright. Reduce carbs and live drug free life.

Good luck.


Kya bhai suramo tum bhi Good Luck?

So chodo...answer me for HDL


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