This was the take home for me after watching Ivor Cummins interviewing Dr. Ted Naiman (paraphrased).

If you are diagnosed as T2 diabetic but your hab1c is 5.6 and maintained over a year then you could reasonably be described as 'non diabetic'.However, If you are uncomfortable with the term 'I'm cured', then it might fit better with you to be described as '...not diabetic, but carbohydrate intolerant'.

How you get there is another thing, and I guess if you are there, then keep on doing what you're doing.

However, if you are not there, then you are definitely doing something wrong and need to shift your focus.

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  • I have been maintaining below 5.6 and only once did I touch 6.0, when I panicked and got it down. Sixth year running and zero drugs. Yes carb intolerant is the word :)

    ADA's range of "Good Control" makes me sweat out of nervousness. It's horrible control.

  • You are non diabetic as per the "world bodies"

  • To hell with the "world bodies" :)

    I know I am diabetic and 75 gms glucose spiking to 200+ at ~1 hr proves it. Don't want to live in fools paradise by just looking at 2 hr values on OGTT. Better be safe than sorry.

  • There is no phrase,non diabetic,person once diabetic always,diabetic.More over hab1ac mostly denotes glucose for the last 30days only and not 60-90 days,it is not advisable to depend only on hab1c

  • A1C is 90 day avg, normally, and not 30 day avg. Get yr facts right.