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PhytoScience for Diabetes patients

I have come across a patented & world recognised product from Malaysia, from a company called Phytoscience. They informed me about their product called 'Double Stemcell' as a stem cells derived from a particular apple found in Switzerland, which is used for curing most of the diseases like Diabetes, Heart problems, skin problems & even cancer!

Please check on website xxxxxx for further information.

Has anyone from our group has any experience or knowledge about this product?

Is it really useful for Diabetes cure?

Please send me your replies...


Milind Panse

Pune, India.

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it is true, that I and some of my friends useing APPLE CIDER VINEGAR ( American garden product) since 4 months and we all get good results, sugar levels come-down

considerbly, and skin color changed to some one. any how, we all happy with useing of above product.


Sorry for my late response! Thanks for your reply.

I want to know whether you are referring to Double stem cell products by Malaysean company named Phytoscience or any other product?

Also let me know your name & location, if you don't mind.

Kindly reply.


Milind Panse, Pune


then how can I do to have this double stencil


i made blog to give correct info how to get phytoscience products correct way


Have you tried it...

pls reply


Hey good morning everyone I would really like if somebody can help me get the contact to have this product I am really in needs this phytoscience I want to test it,


tamali there is no such product...

There is only one solution...going Low carb diet...which is safe...and proven..

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that means this rumors about photo science double stencil is not true


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