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I m 47 years old male diabetes for 7 years, my recent lsb test show my fbs 85 pbs 138 hb1c 6, stress test negative. I m pure vegetarian and my bmi was 20.6 last month now stands at 19.6 and shed alomost 4 kgs in a month. Last month I had a bone fracture in my foot, now under antibiotics. I consulted my diabetologist, who advised me to take more proteins (nuts, fibres, spinachs, sprouts and protein powder) after that my wight not losing further but not gaining any more. pls advice what to do to increase bmi and weight?

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It is seldom advisable to gain weight for the sake of it. The best way would be to do some resistance training, no more than once every 25 hours for each exercise. After warm up, use a weight for each exercise that allows only 6 to 8 repetitions, emphasising strictly controlling the lowering of the weight; then rest three seconds, followed by a final rep. Use compound exercises that work several major muscle groups such as squats, bench press, chins and overhead press (don't put yourself at risk by training alone beneath heavy weights).

If you are vegan it is likely that most of your food contains carbohydrate, and adding more would exacerbate your diabetes. Excess protein too is easily turned to glucose in the body.

Therefore, to safely increase your energy intake you could have more olives, coconut, avocado and their oils, with any increase in carbohydrate requiring a corresponding reduction in your other carbohydrate food sources.

The availability of eggs, double cream, butter, and cheese to ovo-lacto vegetarians makes the task much simpler.

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What are the medicines taken.


If feel energetic need not to worry about weight loss. In the past 3 months shed 7 kgs and my HbA1c 5.8.


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