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What is an ideal or healthy weight ?

Heathy or ideal weight depends on several factors, including their age,sex ,body type,bone density, muscle- fat ratio, overall general health and height.

Since last few decades, BMI (Body Mass Index ) was being used as an excellent means to calculate healthy weight. This method has a few drawbacks,so now Waist - Hip - Ratio (WHR ) is being considered more accurate. So, let us know a little about WHR.

Waist Hip Ratio -- looks at the ratio of a persons waist circumference with their hip circumstance. Waist circumference divided by Hip circumference is WHR.

Target of WHR


For Men,

Less than 0.9. Very low cardiovascular risk

0.9 to 0.99. Moderate cv risk

More than 1.0. Cv risk high

For Women

Less than 0.8. Very low cardiovascular risk

0.8 to. 0.89. Moderate cv risk

0.9. Or more. High cv risk.

WHR gives much better idea regarding how near you are to a healthy weight compared to. BMI.

A female with WHR of 0.8 tends to be healthier and more fertile and runs a much lower risk of developing many cancers, CVD and Diabetes.

Though it has also a bit of drawback,but still most agree, it is superior predictor of health risk and a better measure of ideal weight.


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BMI is neither useless or irrelevant.It is still being used universally despite its certain short comings. Even WHR is not without drawbacks.

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It is easy to find fault with universally accepted norms. Can you suggest any other fool proof system ?


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Criticising and abusing are two different things.

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