What is an ideal or healthy weight ?

Heathy or ideal weight depends on several factors, including their age,sex ,body type,bone density, muscle- fat ratio, overall general health and height.

Since last few decades, BMI (Body Mass Index ) was being used as an excellent means to calculate healthy weight. This method has a few drawbacks,so now Waist - Hip - Ratio (WHR ) is being considered more accurate. So, let us know a little about WHR.

Waist Hip Ratio -- looks at the ratio of a persons waist circumference with their hip circumstance. Waist circumference divided by Hip circumference is WHR.

Target of WHR


For Men,

Less than 0.9. Very low cardiovascular risk

0.9 to 0.99. Moderate cv risk

More than 1.0. Cv risk high

For Women

Less than 0.8. Very low cardiovascular risk

0.8 to. 0.89. Moderate cv risk

0.9. Or more. High cv risk.

WHR gives much better idea regarding how near you are to a healthy weight compared to. BMI.

A female with WHR of 0.8 tends to be healthier and more fertile and runs a much lower risk of developing many cancers, CVD and Diabetes.

Though it has also a bit of drawback,but still most agree, it is superior predictor of health risk and a better measure of ideal weight.


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  • BMI is irrelevant/useless:



    W:H ratio is better.

    Thumb rule: Get waist < 0.5 X height and it's good. One can still be overweight as per BMI even if one achieves this and that's why BMI has become irrelevant.

  • BMI is neither useless or irrelevant.It is still being used universally despite its certain short comings. Even WHR is not without drawbacks.

  • Yes because it makes insurance companies lot of extra money. It's just like the SFA causes CVD/CHD theory. A Caliper works better than BMI.

  • How ?

  • Refer Google :)

  • So,nothing to support your contention.😀

  • Sometimes I avoid spoon feeding to keep the discussions short. Hint is enough to hunt.

  • Bowl is empty,no food in it,so please do not try to take us for a ride .

  • Hint should be enough for hunting. Please don't get personal as no one is taking anyone for a ride. Who is this us? 3 or 4 here?

  • anup

    It should be evident that certain guys want you banned. They will support theory of curing diabetes by eating some special wheat but ask for double blind RCT approved by ADA when it comes to LCHF. Some of them even postulate unacceptable theories on how that wheat works and try to sound so convincing.

    Ignore them and their provocations. Let them just talk among themselves and be happy.

  • There is nothing personal, please do not twist.. You are not so naive, not to understand that we represent all in forum who are reading these blogs and not 3-4 as per distortion

  • Really? I haven't seen anyone else making same personal statements except for a handful few.

  • Come clear in open, name them with sufficient evidence. Why those unfounded oblique comments ?

  • Why don't you search on forum? You will find it if you want to. It's pretty evident.

  • Thank you for your admission.

  • No doubt BMI is useless number. Statistical analysis doesn't explain ground realities in health and medicine and that's why so many theories and drugs fail. Taking data and then eliminating certain set of data to help attain a greater confidence ratio is nothing but data dredging to explain a hypothesis which has no scientific background.

  • It is easy to find fault with universally accepted norms. Can you suggest any other fool proof system ?

  • Universally accepted or Universally FORCED into acceptance without any proof?

    Ref article no 2 in first reply by your friend anup.

    Medical science there's nothing foolproof except profits of healthcare system. All theories are designed for that.

  • Your blog is self explanatory. Nothing to add as it clearly shows that a few live in the world of their own,far from reality.

  • Stop being judgmental about fellow bloggers.

  • Stop abusing.

  • "it was Ansel keys the great physiologist ,diet scientist who saved the life of millions from high fat death ,

    Really? He fudged data to prove his point. The fact that CVD/CHD remains the biggest killer even in the US even decades later proves it so. 15 countries according to his initial lot of 22 was PARADOX and only 7 fitted his regression analysis. What a pity!!! Science also does cherry picking?

    In fact after his FAILED theory -- which lead to most horrible diet called High Carb Low fat -- obesity, diabetes, cancer ... talk of anything and it has gone up by 200 to 300%.

    More than 4 decades later there are 100's of studies to show that SFA doesn't cause CVD/CHD. There's absolutely NO PROOF. That's why LCHF works so great not just for diabetes but even LIPIDS. Fat Versus CVD/CHD is a FAILED Theory -- a Myth.

    It's the HIGH CARBS that's killing people -- 1 diabetic every 7 seconds across the world is dying. Thank you Ancel Keys for giving the world the so called Healthy Diet -- High Carbs Low Fat -- which has successfully made the human population more sick than ever!

    Next generation will be Thanking BASF and Monsanto for ruining every major crop on earth!!!

  • Ancel keys did save millions of lives during ww11,with his back pack food. Rest is only repeatation, again and again ,of same unnecessary and uncalled for and irrelevant comments ,amounting to forceful feeding.

  • Please don't be judgmental about fellow bloggers. Not good.

    Also, please look at context. The context is his theory saved people from HIGH FAT. WWII is not about FAT causing cvd/chd.

    Many are tying to be forceful with unnecessary, uncalled for and insulting comments like "road side dot coms", white powder etc against anyone who talks LCHF. Oppose them if you have to.

  • Some have taken on themselves to abuse globally recognised and respected organisations ,people who are neither qualified or have the authenticity . These people by their never ending rhetoric are continually insulting those organisations as well as people who have faith on them.

    They think they have right to judge all the peoples comments and pass derogatory comments.

  • Hey,

    LCHF is discussed on ADA forums also. ADA is criticized on ADA forums also.

    LCHF works and it works out of the box. Qualified or not, we let the medical reports do the talking.

    Nothing derogatory in what we say as we say what many doctors around the world are saying it -- being critical of ADA's recommendations.

    We aren't calling them "road side dot coms" or parrot-and-puppet show (can you recall who used this term on this forum against diabetics on LCHF??) ... we are just being critical of their recommendations. And, we are delivering results and not just dishing out opinions for the heck of it.

    Pragya (a diabetic lady on this forum) is launching a LCHF site. You know why all this is happening? Because LCHF works and ADA diet is a failure and I am happy that what I started talking in January 2013 is really growing :)

    Not responding after this.

    Take care!

  • Criticising and abusing are two different things.

    BTW Pragya is opening not a lchf site,she is launching a cooking web site.

    Be happy.

  • BTW, re-Read again the first line:



    BTW, don't come back saying she didn't mention high fat. Low Carb is usually high fat even as per beloved MAYO.

    Making lauki kheer in coconut milk is not just LOW CARB ;)

  • I will go for Lauki kheer only if the coconut milk used is not a canned one.😀

  • (1) Why is 1 diabetic dying every 7 seconds in the world if ADA has great scientists? Or just their certificates are to be looked at, worshiped and rest everything, every ground reality is to be ignored?

    (2) Why has obesity and diabetes grown by 300% after Carb started increasing and fat started lowering? Why can't the great guys at ADA see this trend?

    Certificates and knowledge are no good if they can't answer these basic questions which "next door cattle boys" with no Nobel prize are answering with PROOF that's all over the place.

    Incidentally, Shahi Tharoor, a MP from Kerala, insulted every economy class traveller by calling them cattle class.

  • Those who are seeing the proof are switching to LCHF and benefiting. That's about it.

    Rest can keep opposing LCHF and keep supporting something that claims complete CURE. LCHF is growing faster, despite no claims of CURE. No one following LCHF would ever be bothered to debate whether diabetes can be cured or not, because it cannot be cured, as of now. We preach what we practice and no one should have any problems about it.

  • Listen to the band of a Type 2 diabetic who is witching to LCHF on our forum. Lead guitarist is the one who is all set to switch. Lovely music and lovely lyrics .... music can really help mental aplomb and younger generation will change things for sure as they have a long long life ahead as a diabetic :)

    And then listen to the following. Since it's English, I am posting the one with lyrics ....!

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