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LCHF diet results for the past week or so

I started my LCHF diet regiment for the last two weeks, but ran into a snag with my test strips and hence the readings did not match how I felt. Once I replace the strips and did a control test, I started recording my results daily.

Day 1

FBS 129 (used to be this low only with 2000 mg of metformin)

50 minute walk, yoga 15 minutes

BF - Tbsp barley flakes, 1 tbsp almond flour, 1 tsp of flaxseed, 1 tbsp full fat cottage cheese and 1/2 cup of almond milk, few slices of mango and papaya. PPBS (3 hours) 140

Lunch - Sprouted moong/urad dosa and Sambhar generous use of sesame oil and hung curd.

Day 2

FBS 147

Methi water and Lime water.

BF- 1 MANGO, 1 Tbsp barley with 1 Tbsp VCIO WITH 1/4 tsp of cinnomon powder.

PPBS 147

Lunch Salad with olive oil with home grown pesto(contains olive oil, 1/2 roti, paneer sauteed in ghee.

PPBS 117 (3 hours)

Day 3

FBS 142

continue methi/lime water , 1 mango, Coffee with whole milk.


Omelet with 1 egg with yolk with blue corn tortilla (15 gram carb), greenbeans and hung curd(3 Tbsp)

PPBS 156, 4 hours 140


bs -154

celery avacado salad with VCO, left over green beans, 2 tablespoons of sweet potato

Day 3 -today

Continuing Methi water/Lime water, Coffee with whole milk. Multivitamin, calcium supplements

FBS 142

30 min walk , 15 minute yoga.

Breakfast - 1/2 apple with 2 strawberries dices with Tbsp of almond flour and 1 Tbsp of VCO, 1 cup of almond milk with home made chettinad spice (contains Dhania, Kalonji, ajwain, methi, black pepper chillies, saunf, elaichi,cloves).

PPBS - 171 (2 hours). Hmm... I feel great and expected the sugars to be below 140.

Friends, supporters and experts - is it too early for BS to stabilize? One thing to note, I stopped taking metformin entirely for the last two days. what can I remove or add to my diet to see more improvements ? Should I restrict to only one type of fat ?

I would really appreciate your feedback. I do feel great to have joined this forum that offers various perspectives and it motivates me to read many success stories. I am on a mission to reduce or entirely quit my medication.

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My carbs are under 100 grams. Including fruits and salads . I am going by 20 carb/20 protein/60 fat rule as per my calculation. What should remove or add to this diet?

Anup I am eagerly looking for your feedback


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