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Wierd Hypoglycemia

I am 57 and diabetic and having hypertension from the past 3 years, I have been on metaformin 500 and telmikind am 40, morning and night (now changed to glimaday 1)

After I promptly take medicines for about 8 months the glucose monitoring keeps falling to around 120 ppbs (and lower values on rbs other times) and after a period of time i get shivers and viberation, extreme hunger and fat on the waist dropping and my belt becomes loose and feel dizzy often after 4 hours after taking lunch.

Suddenly this becomes severe and I need to stop taking tablets and intake a lot of food and sugar, this sustains for atleast 10 days and returns to normal after eating and stopping medicine.

Kindly advice.. thanking you in anticipation

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Follow the advice of Indiacratus.


Consult a professor in a medical college who is also an endocrinologist . Your case needs special counceling .



but after a few days (around 7 days) of good eating and lowered dosage (or none) of medicine it comes to normal, this happened around a 18 months back, I had been to Manipal Hospital Bangalore at that time, because of no medicine, my rbs had shot to 280 mg/dl, the doctor asked me to continue the medicine (glimday 1 1-0-1 and telmakind am 40 1-0-1). Now this started to happen on 21st jul while returning from Bangkok and now I am slowly recovering. Is it due to tension?. And in many hospitals good care is not given as there are lot of patients waiting.


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