Need suggestions

Hey I'm Gokul age 29

I got diabetes 5 months ago

My glucose level is fasting 109 and after pasting 180.

My friend suggested me to take hba1c test

Level is 8.2

I'm taking glyciphage 500mg twice a day. And within 2months I reduced 8kg weight.

Following heavy diet control

And walking 5km got very confused weather I follow same otherwise more than this.


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  • Gokul

    How did you end up taking fasting and post meals sugar readings in the first place?

    Are you seeing a doctor and did the doctor prescribe glyciphage to you or did your friend suggest you take it? DO NOT take any medications on your own and consult with a doctor.

    How much did you weigh when you were diagnosed and how much do you weigh now?

    In general you don't need to walk 5km each day but if you do it won't harm you as it is a good exercise for you. What is your typical diet? Write down what you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner typically. You say you have been on strict diet control. If you are eating all the wrong things while on this strict diet it won't help you.

    How long ago was was your A1c 8.2 and what is the latest A1c?

    Do you take fasting and PP (2 hours after you take first bit of meal) blood sugar readings regularly? If not you should start doing that and if you have been taking them what are those readings now?

    You need to answer all the above questions so people can help you. Yes you do need to make changes to your diet and it could be a complex carbs with low fat or LCHF. people have had success with both types of diets and it is a matter of what foods you are used to and which diet you are more prone to stick with.

    Good luck

  • Dear shalip thank you very much for your suggestion. Today only I did hba 1c test. Monthly one or twice use to take blood test. Fasting test is empty stomach and after breakfast 1.30 hours later seconds test . and my diet is breakfast three idlies or 4small chapati. Lunch little rice with vegetables. Dinner chapati. Morning and evening tea with sugarfree powder. No alcohol and smoking.

  • And consulted with family doctor. He only suggest glyciphage tablet

  • Two months back my weight was 83 now 75 doctor said bcoz of tablet may be I lost 8kg

  • Are you a vegetarian?

    What do have with idli/ chapati for breakfast?

    Also what do you have with chapati during meals?

  • I'm non vegetarian. With idlies coconut chutney or tomato chutney. With rice veg curry or fish or chicken. With chapati mostly green pea gravy

  • OK got it. I have sent you a message.

  • Shailp Please share the message on this forum too. :)

  • Consider taking a look at LCHF diet.

    My levels were much higher than yours but I am into sixth year on ZERO drugs:

    No less than 600 Indian diabetics that I know of have benefited by switching to LCHF diet. More about my sugar readings when I was Dx'd diabetic is on my profile.

  • That is not bad this is the early stage of diabetes follow this routine see that you dont reduce you weight as per you age and height dont take any for of sugar have normal food with less of rice and chapati eat small meals four to five times a day Have a positive mind and maintain a state of happiness.

  • Thanks

  • Thank you sir

    In my case my hba level is 8.3 so my average glucose level is I don't know how to reduce. :)

  • You have many choices like vegen diet, Long wheat diet and LCHF instead of medication

  • Oh nice. Where I can get LCHF diet chat.

  • Your diabetes can very well be managed with zero medicine. Your current food regime is too much carbohydrate. Reduce it drastically and take non veg including eggs and meat. One chappathi is enough per meal. Dont have to starve. Fill with salads, subji and other non carb/low crab stuffs. Check sugar levels every other day. Hba1c every three months. When your hba1c improves, gradually come out of drugs. Mild excercise including a walk after dinner will help. Take least carb and reduced quantity of food during dinner. Take early dinner say by 7 pm. Check fbs after 12 hours i e 7 am next day. Cheers

  • Thanks

  • pl follow mnls i.e,, org, in any of the websites, follow his natural life style principles reg. diet and yoga also you can join his arogyalayam ashram at vijayawada for 15 days or 30 days where you get naturopathy treatment and training to reduce weight and diabetes tablets.

    m.radhakrishna mangalore

  • Switch to LCHF diet. you do not leave medicine right now.But you do not require any medicine.Leave all high carb rich food like idli, roti peas etc.Reduce carb to maximum100 grams from all sources.Kindly visit dlife .Wish you all the best

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