i am taking zoryl m1 half an hour before breakfast prescribed by my physician,and he has prescribed me pregeb m 75 for the pain in my left thigh and left buttock,this pain my physician says is diabetic neuropathy,i want to follow LCHF diet,as i was reading about it on many sites and its immense benefits for DM type 2 patients,keeping oneself under the category of patient itself is so sad and lowers one's morale

but let me come to the point,i had gone for full body test,in these test reports my triglycerides have been diagnosed very high for which again my physician has prescribed medicine called fenolip 145 to reduce increased tryglycerides thyroid is borderline and physician has not prescribed any medicine for thyroid yet,he has told me to go for thyroid test again after 4 weeks,so i would like to know with these test results,"can i follow or start a LCHF regimen."

i would request all respected members to pardon my ignorance,if this query in itself is not complete,or not make sense altogether here,but if it is the right place to get it answered,i am waiting for valuable suggestion



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  • thank @ arunkumar3112 you so much sir for replying,i will follow the sane advice from today onwards,my triglyceride value has come 530.5 mg/dl,total cholesterol 214.3 mg/dl and total cholesterol/hdl ratio is 7.467,and blood sugar fasting 121,blood sugar pp 125,i am taking anti diabetic medicine called zoryl-m-1 half an hour before breakfast and hba1c 6.0

    i have been suggested mother tincture tinospora cordifolia giloy 10 drops 2 times,and gymnema sylvester gurmar 10 drops before every meal,and land caltrops capsule gokhru to protect kidney,are these medications safe and tested as an anti diabetic medicines ?,and i have been told to check my sugar levels while taking these tincture medicines,if sugar level come in safe ranges,then i can stop allopathic medicine i have mentioned above,and can continue with these herbal or homeopathic tincture drops.i would like to know whether these medicines are safe to consume.?

  • arunkumar3112 Sir i am checking lot of sites for LCHF diets regimen which are mostly foreighn sites,with LCHF menus for English food,could you please guide me,how can one prepare or consult any dietician,who can prepare LCHF diet menu with all the Indian food in it,according to individual need of type 2 patient,because everyone has diffrent parameters,or readings,and life style,so LCHF diet customised for particular individual woul be more benificial


  • Search for indian LCHF forum.

  • thanks i will do that

  • thanks i will do that

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