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My fasting insulin as on 30December2014 was 4.04uU/ml( range 2.6-24.90uU/ml.) and on 08 April 2016 it was 3.47uU/ml(same range of2.6-24.90uU/ml). with the same fasting glucose sayit was ( 90-94mg/dl).

                         My question is, Whether i have remained few beta live(active) cells with me as on,dtd. 08 April 2016 as compared to 30 December 2014,(as my level of fasting insulin has decreased as on 08April 2016?) 

                         Whether i am going towards insulinopenia in near future?

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lol......think again urself.....ask yourself once again......are u getting more insulin efficient??? or losing beta cells????


No clear cut answer, mathematically,yes, but medically not.


why do u think its not medically correct??


 ICure please clarify

f insulin level  is  above 2.6  it may be considered as   no insulin deficiency ?  If insulin deficiency is found when the insulin level is below  2


why some one will consider himself insulin deficient when insulin produced by him is sufficient to clear his extra sugar and keep him in no diabetic range.

Insulin insufficiency will be considered only when his blood sugar  is elevated.

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