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eager to know about LWMDR regime

MR. GEORGE , i heard about LWMDR regime, what exactly it is , is iit some kind of flour , is it available in indian market, i am residing in uttar pradesh (india), is it available here,  and if yes then what type of groceries sell these type of flours, and after getting the flour how to have dis kind of regime, i am tightened my belts for this miracle, please george sir and all veterans and experienced people who had applied this regime or have been under this pls help me out step by step, i m very much thankful to all of u..u guys r doing great work , definetely kudos to the inventor,

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For the past couple of years a good lot of information on the topic you mentioned came on this site . Try to down load them and all the answers you need will be there. 


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