Indian Food Wisdom & Art of Eating Right by Rujuta Diwekar (English)

Carbohydrates are the most natural and healthy fuel for the human metabolism ever. You simply have to take your pick among the varieties of legumes and whole grains that are on offer where you shop. Please do not follow a diet that tells you to avoid them it is nonsense and that been proven to be useless over and over again by countless medical studies.

Carbs are a real healthy option when you choose the right ones. They have been the staple of human sustenance for thousands of years and should rightfully remain so.

Just watch it! You will get some insight into how whole diet industry is fooling us into eating diet devoid of carbs...and what not? Video is little long (about 2 hrs), and I doubt you will listen to it to end of it!:-)

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  • Seemingly glamorous but absolutely false and detrimental to health

    Show us some scientific proof. Not opinions. AHA didn't even have the guts to accept challenge coming from Atkins team, like most here willingly IGNORE the talks based on medical reports. Detrimental to health despite medical reports showing things exactly opposite?

    Sure, health improving despite lower drugs is glamorous, but not for the drug industry or their spokespersons. Diabetics are losing limbs and eyes as they can't afford insulin. That's not glamorous -- it's SICKENING.

  • So, diabetics who cannot afford Insulin can afford LCHF diet with stevia drops, VCO (500 Rs/liter), ACV etc?

    I read just now that one lady from USA who went ketogenic for sometime finds it unaffordable!

  • Are you in for argument?

    Many don't take stevia as they simply have gotten over with sweet tooth. As for affordable -- I was asked the same thing and the article is published here --

    This guy reduced drugs worth 5K/Month. Surely he finds it affordable:

    And, why are you QUOTING KETO when we don't follow that?

    Problem is people start looking for escape routes to cover their inability to dump high carbs.

    Try ADANI Oil for diabetics instead of VCO. It's cheap in short term and we will meet after 5 years to find out what worked out cheaper, specially wrt to your LIVER, which is already struggling with abnormal SGOT/SGPT.

  • One drop of stevia is enough

    Cost only 40 paise

  • And, how much is 1 tsp sugar? And how about one day's dose of Invokana. One month dose of Invovkana/Januvia 100 costs same as around 3 L of VCO ;)

    Appachen reduced around 50 units of insulin and one unit costs 1.73 roughly. That 90 bucks a day, enough to buy you 3 L VCO and 1 Kg Walnuts :)

  • Ashka9 madam

    ours is a poor country and majority can't afford the items you quoted. But that doesn't mean that these people should suffer the complications of high carb diet. The treatment of These complications is very costly in addition to miserable life. Madam if you agree to the philosophy of low carb diet. Options are many.

    Most important is diet management. According to my knowledge it contributes to more than 90% of the treatment.

    You don't need to take vco. Go for non rbd coconut oil. Or eat fresh coconut. Keeps to full and healthy. Very economical. Just 15-20 rs or make deal with some pujari, he will give you 3in that price. ACV can be replaced by jamun vinegar. No need of stevia at all. Enjoy the sweetness of nature.

    I find grain free hypo caloric ketogenic diet more economical.

  • Thanks Mr. Suramo for your suggestion.

    I will think of all the facets of LCHF diet before starting following. I am going gluten free for 3 months because it is recommended for Hashimotos. Honestly speaking, I have gone grain free in past. But now I feel weak and devoid of energy if go grain free even for 2 days! Plus ketogenic diet not recommended for people who have hypothyroidism. I will go on moderate carbs....and see how it goes from there...

  • Ashka

    if you post your diet anup and many others including myself would try to help you. Or see my previous responses where i have said what i'm taking since grain free.

    If you have hypothyroidism take flax seeds. I'm almost grain free for about one and half months but i don't feel any lack of energy. On the contrary i feel more comfortable. Please think of other causes like thyroid for your weakness before fully blaming grain free diet.

    By the way Hashimoto is an autoimmune disorder.

  • Well, on Diabetes and HYPOTHYROID, learn from the master instead of Rutuja :)

  • Karch

    l post my diet...but my diet is not same everyday. I avoid rice and potato lately. Generally eat whatever is available at home. Tuesday fast on fruits/milk/curd/nuts, Wed breakfast on boiled moong ..lunch always consists of 2-3 rotis with steamed vegetables and buttermilk sometimes. but gone gluten free since two eliminating wheat for 3 months to check how I feel. so will be eating bajre ki (pearl millet) roti sometimes when I feel...may be 3-4 times a week in lunch. In dinner, we generally eat muthiya and dhokla ( from arhardaal +rice flour), cheela (made of bengal gram daal i.e. besan+bajra flour+wheat flour), or anything gujju dishes...sometimes (though rarely) Uttampam, idli sambhar/dosa etc...sometimes sandwich in dinner but generally I avoid dinner most of the times...try to avoid dinner atleast 3-4 times a week. I fast as on Tues.. as explained above and eat grain on Thurs only one time. Do fasts on Monday on snack sometimes at tea time..but if I eat enough at around 6/6:30 pm as a snack, I don't eat dinner then....or eat very less.

  • Great diet Ashka9!

    Also, you do the following:

    Avoid - of course lately - wheat, rice, potato

    Fast on Tuesday on fruits/milk/curd/nuts

    Fast on Monday

    Avoid dinner at least 3-4 times a week.

    Eat grain on Thurs only one time.

    Now Rujuta's diet makes sense to me!

    Low-carb nahi khayenge nahi khayenge, lekin khana bhi teen din nahi khayenge!

  • Preeti

    "Low-carb nahi khayenge nahi khayenge, lekin khana bhi teen din nahi khayenge!" Nope. Carbs upto 100 g a day. That too low gi low gl. No to Fruits except a few. Avocado, apple and guava, all berries.

  • Ashka

    i see great influence of LOW FAT philosophy in your diet. You are taking more carbs i think.

    Try cow ghee or homemade butter and coconut oil / vco or coconut itself. Reduce roti, upma etc. Add sprouts too. Cook in coconut oil -Use liberally.

    I don't do fasts but IF will help you. Flax seeds - you can make powder with sanchal - rock salt.

    Eat lots of salad. Evoo. And eat coconut when you feel hungry. But if you are grain free and on low carb diet you will not feel hunger pangs or weak. I don't get hunger pangs.

  • suramo

    We apply home made cow ghee on rotis...we use amul butter for sandwiches...I take sprouts in breakfast once in a while...I can't digest more sprouts/beans. Not taking roti now...eliminating wheat altogether for 3 months and check how I feel after going gluten free. Eat bajri ki roti to replace wheat. Can not digest jowar also everyday. Doesn't like corn much so corn flour even

  • Ashka

    only clarinated butter is good. Fermentation is must.

    Corn i don't agree. Glucose powder is made from corn.

    Roti and bread i don't recommend. Once in a while when a veg i can't eat as such i do take very small millet roti esp made with fenugreek leaves or jav - oat roti. So i say i'm almost grain free.

    I think you have to find a definite cure for your hashimoto if there is any.

  • hnnn...going gluten free for 3 months to check if I feel better for Hashimoto

  • suramo,

    Thanks for advise but going completely grain free, what do u eat? I mean u eat beans/legumes/sprouts of grains etc?

  • @Ashka

    i never advise. Just sharing my understanding and experience.

    Yes. My prime weapon is coconut oil and ghees and evoo. Salads. Vegetables, nuts. Legumes and sprouts. Now i'm thinking to add legumes to veg. Also boiled eggs once in a while to fulfil protein requirements. Milk i take with turmeric half cup twice daily as a vehicle to turmeric and ghee and coconad.

  • Ashka

    one more point to notice. If your diet plan is working you will lose weight because if your bs is under control it will get you rid of edema. And loss of edema fluid will reduce your weight at least by 5 kg.

  • Suramo, anup

    My FBS is generally under control i.e. <110 mg/dl but today my PPBS after 2 hours of breakfast was 190 mg/dl. I ate boiled moong and dhokla (made of arhar daal + rice flour) with only cow's milk coffee.

    what should be PPBS ideally?

  • Ideally FBS should be 90 or lower and

    1 Hr PPBS 140 max

    2 hr PPBS 120 max.

    A1C < 5.6

  • Ashka9 @anup

    Such numbers with such a good bcf and ir suggests that your diet is not ok.

  • I have said it more than once. She has to understand when we talk LC we are not talking Keto. At the moment she is interpreting LC as Keto. Can't do much to change that perception. Sorry.

    Just today a diabetic with Hyperthyroid joined and is willing to work his way up so we will do all the needed hand holding :)

  • Agree with you Ashkaji,

    Every human being is different, thats is the reason why there are different diets, LCHF lovers should understand there are many people who are able to control their diabetes without following an lchf diet.

  • Sumant Joshi -- Does he follow your "Balanced Diet" approach?

  • think broadly Anupji, Did I ever Tell he is folloing my diet. Why do you scream about LCHF here too much, when you have a separate group.

    screaming too much will also make people think you are biased. be calm and composed.

    Don't provoke people to talk badly to you.

    Don't comment without knowing the facts.

    I agree to disagree with you.

  • Is asking question is screaming? I never knew that.

  • its not a question? it is an answer,, , it is a response to my response.

    words are not everything, meaning behind the words is more important.

    Let us add value to the discussion. without talking negatively about others beliefs.

    I can differ with you, but should not hurt your beliefs.

  • Sorry I don't read minds -- not into telepathy. I Just read what's written. More than beliefs I look at data. And, the data is that even Indian Army -- the third largest in the world -- is battling with obesity:

    Sedentary and unbalanced diet?

    Proves -- too much carbs is killing.

  • Eat sensibly...that's the only bottom-line! No specific % of carb/protein/fat to be calculated. Our cultural habit of diet is perfect and we need not overanalyze that! Ghee was always good, and all food items has complex structure...wheat and rice being considered high carb content also contains protein...

  • There is no plant food with out at least 50 percent carbohydrate content. I mean dry weight. Soya chunk is low carb and high protein.

    There is -- Avocado, Coconut, Almonds, Peanuts, Walnuts, sesame seeds, Pecan nuts, pine nut etc etc all loaded with nutrients, and a mix of 100 g mix of peanuts+walnuts+almonds a day get good amount of nutrients too. No more than 20% carbs I think :)

    SOY is thyroid killer.

    Avoiding carbs means : Nutrient deficiency.

    Proof please. Not opinions. State specifically what deficiency?

    BTW, we are not "AVOIDING" carbs. We are restricting to ~100grams/day, I am still lower like many diabetics who have gone wheat/rice/ragi or "Whole Grain" free.

  • "Proof please. Not opinions. State specifically what deficiency?"

    Deficiency of carbs. lol.

  • jingale

    Surprisingly he hasn't answered this simple question even once. Just keeps repeating the same factually incorrect line again and again. Then people claim that one should refer to Harvard and Mayo websites only. Maybe these sites don't have answers to such questions, and sometimes I wonder if that's the reason that some people start discussing Astro physics, Farady's laws and Mohs scale of measuring hardness when asked such simple question that I have been asking every time that "missing nutrient" OPINION is expressed by anyone.

  • Tell me about it!

  • There are no essential carbs but there are essential fatty acids and proteins :)

    Rujuta thinks bananas are great for diabetics. Wonder if she really understands the difference between a diabetic and a non diabetic and what fructose does to body.

  • Anup

    essential is a misnomer. The word "essential " here means our body can't synthesize them and must be obtained from external sources. You can interpret this the way you like .

  • Trueee!

    Eat everything sensibly...that's the only thing that should help the bottom-line of the industry! No specific % of carb/protein/fat to be calculated, else the applecart will be upset. In fact, no need to measure blood sugar every day. One person here is healthy by eating everything including mangoes and measuring her blood sugar levels once a year. No seriously, it is true! Compare this with these low-carbers who jab themselves everyday, twice a day!

    Our cultural habit of diet is perfect and we need not overanalyze that! Ghee was always good, and all food items has complex structure...indeed sugar has is most complex simple carb which metabolizes in an instant in the blood! Wheat and rice being considered high carb content also contains protein and vitamins and minerals as well as fiber that keep the tummy of the eater as well as the doctor full!

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  • Seriously?

    What don't you understand?

    1. Carbohydrate turning to glucose in an instant?

    2. The effect of glucose on a diabetic body:

    3. How people become diabetic in the first place (especially within the Indian population)?

  • And, higher blood glucose also triggers carbs to fructose synthesis. Fructose is toxic for liver just like alcohol :)

  • Anup

    i don't think that will be big quantity. Logically also fructose is not the main energy source. It can be metabolised by liver cells only.

    Please send me the link for what you say.

  • Dietary restriction rather carb restriction alone normalises the beta cell functioning according to the scientific studies

    "Issue is not of Calories, it's issue of Insulin. If you reduce calorie and don't reduce insulin levels, metabolism slows down"

    Dr Jason Fung.

    Hypocaloric diets have failed in comparative studies on diabetics. Here's one:

  • hypochaloric studies have been going on for more than a decade. All have failed. Here's another comparative study

  • Welcome back :)

  • Anup

    kya yaar. Ye to hypo caloric conventional diet versus low carb diet ka study hai.

  • Yes because some keep talking about cutting calorie to 1/3. So have to present evidence that it's a failed science on comparative basis.

  • Anup

    jan ran is there. Just 800 calories and reversing her nafld. Ye apna cure bhi to hai.

    Well study should be between low carb high or eucalorie diet AND low calorie low carb diet to confirm if calorie cutting is worth or not. Low calorie with ada recommended diet is destined to fail against low carb diet.

  • ragivrao

    Vasudevan and Krishnaswamy say that historically Indians have always been eaters of cereals, which are high in carbohydrates and the PDS system also distributes cereals.

    How many who have diabetes buy from PDS? Did you buy from PDS? Any stats? Was diabetes screening aggressively done in earlier periods? Everyone waited for ants to gather around urine before even thinking about diabetes. So, no point comparing with such a time.

    Vasudevan and Krihsnaswamy only answered on emails as they could not answer impromptu, so refused to come for telephonic interview? This is what I like about these experts. Always talk from behind the IRON CURTAIN and never come out in any open debate.

    High fat diets are also unhealthy.

    OPINION without any PROOF. They need to read more instead of dishing out prepared statements. They just keep repeating the lies of Ancel Keys which itself was based on a fudged study -- cherry picking.

    And, if you had quoted the source from where you copied the above, you would also have seen what the FIT Community of FAT eaters had to say in the same telephonic interview based article. For the benefit of the audience here it is:

    Even I am there in the same interview and I took all questions over phone much like others except the "experts" that you quoted. They only answered on emails so who knows their replies were also vetted by someone above them.

    The FIT Community of Fat Eaters In India is also growing, at last. And, they can read between the lines so they very well know what they are doing and are successful. And what made the article above more important is, that there's a Print version of the same magazine.

    Dr Chhajed (from the same city as me and he preaches what we preach) in the same article says:

    "Dr Chhajed says that the medical community in India has a closed mind and he himself followed a low-fat diet till some years ago. “Doctors here have never heard of this because of our conventional medical teaching in India. They think, ‘How can it work?’ That if they don’t give anti diabetic drugs then this complication or the other will develop,” he says."

  • @ragivrao


    1) these people are highly influenced by traditional teaching.

    2) fats. We are here talking of good quality fats - oils and ghees and not any junk fats used in bakeries and frying.

  • Intelligent don't get influenced by anything they use their own brains after due diligence.

  • Here is a one presentation from Kamala Krishnaswamy, a former director of the National Institute of Nutrition.

  • :O what way my reply is supporting??? My reply is my reply.....nothing to do with mikepollard....

  • cure

    Remember the handkerchief and nostril comment and who made it?

  • jane bhi do @anup bhai....

    "वयं पंचाधिकम शतं"-हम सौ और पांच नहीं हैं हम एक सौ पांच है |

  • 1138 is the count to be precise now. Jan 2013, when I started preaching what I "practice" it was 1 out here. Grew despite the abuses and insults.

  • Dear Ashka9

    I bought Rujuta Diwekar's book, 'Indian Superfoods.' She has listed sugar as a superfood because it is natural. Somehow, the book seemed all wrong.

  • MRA13

    You won't believe but still I take sugar in my coffee and tea! Initially when diagnosed with D I stopped it for couple of years may be then started taking icecream chocolate everything! I don't think Rujuta is wrong. People nowadays are more interested in extreme diets suggested by non technical people. All these diets may work for temporary and not permanent. Even doctors says all these percentage diets are useless.

    Rujuta understands our culture in a better way, why to follow west in everything? Take good from whatever source you get, but finally use your own brain to take out a middle way to moderate approach. Be it a diet or medicine.

  • Ashka9

    I don't think Rujuta is wrong in making money. People nowadays are more interested in fooling others by passing carb-loaded diets suggested by fitness-turned-celeb dietician people as the "savior". All these diets may work for temporary weight loss and permanent effect is seen at hospitals and inside doctor's clinics. Even doctors says all these percentage diets are useless and carbs should be eaten so that the show must go on!

    Rujuta understands how to monetise our culture in a better way, why to follow west in everything? Take good ideas from whatever source you get, rehash it and finally use your own brain to take out a middle way to sell a moderate approach. Be it a diet or medicine. By the way, do you know the story of how India's first supercomputer PARAM was built? The scientists were all on super food of sugar-coffee!

  • I read the chapter on Sugar and all along Buddha, Jains and Mahabharta was peddled with little science on offer. Masala Chai is better than Green tea. What a joke really when Ayurvedacharya like Dr Partap Chauhan says that tea with milk is horrible for liver. CARBS are a boon for PCOS/PCOD -- that's another Joke in that book :)

  • That is what is the Moderate Approach that low-carbers cannot understand!

    The Moderate Equation says everything in moderation.

    Jains for Peace, Buddha for vairagya and Mahabharata for war, violence, kama and dharma.

    Average of all these (Jain + Budda + Mahabharat)/3 is a moderate approach!

    Rujuta is a genius!

  • Well let the medical reports do the talking. We understand what moderation means and it mostly fails on a diabetic. Lets talk science based on medical reports.

    Low Carbers understand all these failed approaches and that's why they settled with LC. Surprising that genius doesn't know how Banana spikes a diabetic

  • Sudha, Mohan et al: "Refined grains, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases" state that

    "Also high carbohydrate diets raise plasma glucose,

    insulin, triglycerides and non-esterified fatty acids

    leading to insulin resistance9"

    Their solution is to eat more complex carbs so that body mechanism is fooled by the complexity perhaps! Rujuta the genius also advoctes this approach.

  • Complex carbs is peddled since 35 years. All that has happened is diabetes grew 4 times during these 35 years. So, she is just rehashing the failed concept and spicing it up with Mahabharta and Ramayana to fool the religious minded.

  • But Rujuta the genius has stated that before consuming a food high in sugar, carbs or something like that, one must prepare the body and the mind by repeatedly empasizing that "I will be eating more sweets today. I will be okay. I am fine." So the mind takes care of the extra carbs, perhaps by assimilating them in the brain.

  • Oh yea same old nonsense that someone preaches in south -- curing diabetes by feeding laddoos to wake up sleeping pancreas.

    Let her come up with medical reports and not some ostrich digging head deep in sand and singing all is well.

    Let the Meter prove it and not Ramayana and Mahabharta. If she says that she doesn't understand diabetes at all.

  • Balanced food guide by Sudha Vasudevan:

    323 grams of carbs.

    At least Rujuta the genius does state that keep it 'below 300'!!

  • So guess Rujuta the genius should try one thing:

    Think in mind that cyanide is not poison and then see if that works by just tasting it. It would be a scientific breakthrough.

    Just an extension of her logic that just by thinking in mind everything scientific can be defied.

  • Too high still. We as diabetics love to keep it 100 or lower:

    You will find me there too :)

  • What do you mean too high? How dare you insult Rujuta the genius?!!

    Do you mean that internationally acclaimed Mohan and Vasudevan are wrong when they claim that complex carbs should be eaten eaten eaten eaten eaten eaten six times a day?

    Also Mohan claims that Fasting Levels are not important, but PPBS after the high-carb meal should be checked and maintained by using insulin. But problem with that approach is that rice-wheat is cheap, insulin is expensive. So internationally acclaimed Mohan has come up with his own low-carb noodles and rice.

    A win-win situation!

  • Read that article:

    In short, yes they are WRONG. Let them face the real world data on OPEN platform and come out for a debate. Sudha is there in the above article also but answered from behind Iron Curtain. We replied Impromptu on telephonic interview based on medical reports of not one or two.

    Read what Dr Prakash Chhajed has to say in the same article. I dare these experts with DATA and not a copy paste of ADA manuals. I am sure none of them would ever debate on open platform. They simply can't, as long as they are just rehashing ADA's manuals and pamphlets :)

    People who say that they can digest sugar just by thinking don't need anyone to insult them. They are insulting themselves :)

  • Anup

    kya irritate hote ho. Let them recommend Ru...ju...tta... for Padmashri or padmavibhushan. They are trying your patience yaar 😉😉😉

  • Well, let them keep trying. I am immune to such attempts. The pattern is pretty predictable. Vasudevan and me were interviewed by the same magazine, so doesn't make Vasudevan any bigger than me. Let he come for an open debate if she is so sure of herself. I'll come with my data and not OPINION :)

  • Preeti

    moderate approach doesn't work always. Right treatment must be adopted. I can cite many examples in day to day life where moderation doesn't work. If you want to give up an addiction there is no moderate approach. Appendicitis, gall stones, cancers and a very long list. I wonder what moderation you would advice. Kashmir issue is the result of moderation !!🐒🐒🐒

  • Preeti, Suramo

    Going on extreme diets for longer periods may crash your one of the organs! People having hypothyroidism can't follow low carb...they have to follow moderate carbs approach.

    I have read people going on low carbs for years have damaged their thyroid. Period.

  • 100 gms is not the same LC as understood by experts here. Keto diet which goes down to 30 gms carbs can hit thyroid and LIPIDS for some -- not all.

    Bottom line: don't eat carbs more than a day's storage capacity of glycogen in liver. Everything will run normal. Don't attempt KETO, which in any case isn't possible for vegetarians.

  • anup

    what is the day's storage capacity of glycogen in liver? and how eating more carbs than 100g in a day can elevate blood sugar level? I mean PPBS even if you are on medicine?

  • Ashka

    high carbs in your diet. We take very long time to clear bs.

  • 100-120 gms is the capacity.

  • Anup

    but i'm attempting to go keto. Let's see what happens.

  • Ashka

    yes. While on low carb diet you have to keep watch on thyroid.

  • There are several vegeterians who are surviving with all indian food ...who is following west ??Did they started eating beef, pork or just meat based diet everyday ?shuddhha indian desi khana hi khate hain ...and they have put a lot of efforts for tuning in this way ...there are no inbuilt recipes ...

    all medical science you are talking about is researched and invented by westerners ...?all drugs are invented by westerns india is far far behind in research and development all modern development is the gift of westerns ...good or bad ...

  • Ashka9 can take.... cause your BCF must be better.....your carb threshold must be higher....

    others can not.... it is impossible that one advise will be suitable for every one...

    I think each and every diabetic should understand his BCF and iR.... he should keep watch on both all the time....understand his carb threshold and learn to respect same....

  • Cure, Suramo, anup

    I got fasting insulin done on Monday morning and it is 9.93 uU/ml, my FBS was 101 mg/dl at that time. So BY Homa 2 calculator, it comes to

    Glucose = 101mg/dl

    Insulin = 9.93µU/ml

    HOMA2 %B =90.2

    HOMA2 %S =75.6

    HOMA2 IR =1.32

    It seems from above results that my IR is not that bad but Insulin sensitivity is decreased to 75% instead of normal 100%. BCF is 90%...not that bad but have to take care because BCF decreases with time as the D disease progresses. Now, question is how to increase insulin sensitivity....Metformin helps in increasing insulin sensitivity but yes diet has to be altered to reduce circulating insulin which can be done by IF (Intermittent Fasting) suitable to the individual and also by reducing carb content if you are taking more. For e.g. I think I might be taking 150 g carbs totally maximum daily. I can reduce it to 100g carbs.

    One of the metabolic imbalances of type II diabetes is the excess formation of glucose in the liver. To ensure that blood glucose never drops too low, the liver manufactures glucose in a process called gluconeogenesis. In type II diabetes, despite an elevated blood glucose level, the liver inappropriately continues to pump out glucose. This inappropriate outburst of glucose from the liver in type II diabetes patients is a classic hallmark of the disease. In fact, scientific data that measures glucose output by the liver shows that the typical type II diabetic produces three times more glucose in their liver than non-diabetics. And, as previously reported in this publication, even most non-diabetics produce too much glucose in their liver as they age.

    Scientific data shows that metformin reduces glucose production and the rate of gluconeogenesis by anywhere from 24% to 36%, respectively, thus reducing blood glucose levels while lowering the amount of insulin that is chronically secreted. Metformin also enhances insulin sensitivity, thus enabling cells to remove more glucose from the bloodstream, which further lowers glucose and insulin levels. In a recent study conducted by a team of researchers in Italy, 500 mg three times a day of metformin reduced insulin levels by 25%.

    Go to below link for more details about Metformin.

    How Metformin Functions

    Metformin reduces blood glucose levels primarily by suppressing glucose formation in the liver (hepatic gluconeogenesis).

    More importantly, it activates an enzyme called AMPK (AMP-activated protein kinase) that plays an important role in insulin signaling, systemic energy balance, and the metabolism of glucose and fats.

    Activation of AMPK is one mechanism that may explain why diabetics prescribed metformin have sharply lower cancer rates. For instance, in a controlled study at MD Anderson Cancer Center, the risk of pancreatic cancer was 62% lower in diabetics who had taken metformin compared to those who had never taken it. Diabetics suffer sharply higher incidences of pancreatic cancer than non-diabetics.

  • Insulin resistant.

    That should also explain your conked off LFT, perhaps.

    Your BCF is great so by cutting down carbs you will only do yourself a favor.

    Yes MF is the only oral pill that we prefer. Rest oral pills, learn it from the master and not Rujuta:

    Remember, cancer primarily feeds on Sugar. So, get your A1C to as close as possible to 5.0 Rujuta may not know all this :)

    Eat, tests at 1 hr and 2 hrs. Meter will never lie.

  • BTW, %S is inverse of IR. So, focus on getting IR down to < 1.

  • How to get IR to <1? Only LCHF diet you recommend is the answer?

  • That's what Hundreds of "INDIAN Diabetics" have also shown. If you enter a room with strong fragrance, after sometime you stop feeling the smell of fragrance, though it is still persisting. How do you get the sense back?

    Walk out of room breath fresh air and come back again. Voila! You can again smell it.

    So, get out of the room that got you IR :)

    Read through Dr Jason Fung's website if you don't trust us :)

  • Dear Mr. Anup,

    I have gone thru a video by Dr. Jason Fung long before I met you.

    Let me think over what foods I can eat on LCHF diet and then begin...with 100g carbs.

  • Hitting 100 grams max a day is easy for a vegetarian also.

  • Ashka9

    Great. You have got excellent bcf 90%. Just take low carb low gi & gl diet and you will be drug free. Weight loss by lc** diet would decrease your ir. No to sugar. Never.

    Our liver doesn't produce glucose to make us D. Madam where do you get such theories. Now your fate is under your control. Manage diet as we are recommending or carry on with whomever you believe.

    Idea of taking high carb diet and insulin shots is not a good idea as we all think.

    I'd just caution you about what you think - high carb and high gi gl diet.

    Diabetes is not known to cause cancer. Albeit cancer in a D patient is difficult to manage. Prognosis is not good for them.

    Wish you all the best in your journey with D. 👍👍👍

  • Suramo

    There are metabolic imbalances in type 2 diabetic in which liver dumps 3 times glucose than normal. I have posted link above where I have written in detail about Metformin and my lab result of fasting insulin.

    I am always in favour of low GI and GL food but I think in this forum, people only talk about LCHF diet as if that is the end of the world for diabetics!:-)


  • Anushka madam

    Firstly you have to understand and agree to low carb diet. To fulfil your calorie requirements you have to increase protein and or fat intake. Now proteins are readily converted to glucose. So no wisdom in taking excessive prots. Now remains fats. So lc** but right fats recommended.

  • Suramo

    I understand it very clearly since Anup tried to convince me with 100g carbs...I don't disagree at all with low carb principle because we have problem of carbohydrate metabolism as diabetic and it can be corrected that way only and yes, I am not confusing keto diet with LCHF. I understand that fat intake has to be increased but how it is to be done is not sure at. What to eat and what not to eat.

  • 400+ meals / meals info are posted and though haven't counted exactly, around 250+ should be vegetarian. So mix and match while counting carbs, fat etc and build your menu, test BS and tweak.

    Sources of good fats -- There's a separate post dedicated to this at same place where there are 400+ meals.

    Give 3 weeks time to transition to minimize /avoid transition blues -- one week for each meal.

  • ok Anup thanks

  • Ashka

    really !! And you belong to paramedical field - pharma i think.

    East or west science is the best.

  • Suramo, Anup

    See, science is one part of it. What our body says...listen to it first. I go by intuition since my sixth sense is sharper!:-)

    And what suits you may not suit me at all! I have to think pros and cons of anything I undertake. I am as such not easily influenced by anybody and listen to my own inner-self first, I trust my intelligence first...I have my own views which may be different than yours.

    Best is to interact and know what is best for us.

  • From my end, I see your and ADA diet as extreme. It may protect the Thyroid but ruin liver, heart, eyes etc. Every 0.42 seconds there's a heart attack in land of ADA/AMA/AHA ie the land of Balanced Diet theory :)

    Sixth sense with preconceived notions have failed even the biggest experts.

    My sense relies on :

    Change - follow reports - stick to change - follow reports -- stick to change -- follow reports.

  • Mr. Anup

    I have been hyperthyroid for 2 years from was terrible...I lost weight....palpitations, was on neomercazole for this time and it somehow got cured. But Hashimoto's (antibodies detected that time only). For another two years, my thyroid was normal. Then again, in 2006, I got diagnosed with hypothyroidism and struggling since 10 years. Nobody knows their thyroid better than any Hashimotos/Hypothyroid patients. It is a horrible disease since thyroid affects each and every function of the body. If you don't take medicines for hypothyrodism, you weight will continue to increase out of control and affect eventually every organ of the body.

    I can't risk my thyroid (which is already damaged by antibodies) which is having effect on all mechanisms of the body to save liver or heart because if I don't save thyroid, ultimately it is going to affect all the organs you mentioned.

    You are working only on reducing blood sugar level which is a symptom of disease of diabetes. Diabetes happens because of IR and just controlling blood sugar may not help in reducing IR at all. So, cause of any disease has to be treated.

    I have autoimmune disease called Hashimotos also where >600 antibodies are found in test for antibodies. The main cause of all these may be an inflammation. So, first we have to try to reduce inflammation by finding what is causing inflammation.

    If you are sure about LCHF diet where it cures inflammation and leaky gut also, please give me examples as you said there are 15 inflammation markers. Let us evaluate that first.

  • User @Ezuz on the other forum is same case as you wrt Thyroid. Has Thyroid Antibodies

    Shashikantiyengar has posted a video on the other forum regarding 15 inflammation markers and how even a keto diet impacts them -- favorably. Keto is far far more rigid than the LC that we practice and preach.

    My wife is a HYPO patients and has been on the same diet as me for as long as I am on.

    Leaky gut? Do you have that problem also? If yes, WHEAT and All Gluten is first to be off from.

  • @anup ji I guess LCHF is best tool available to bring down sugar level.....

    But may not be useful for each and every decease .....

    And I also agree with suramo ...elevated sugar is just symptom...problem lies some where else...

    Bringing sugar in normal range is just like we have just brought down high temperature to normal level suffered by typhoid patient...and main cause typhoid is still remains untreated.

  • Yes, but If we are to believe the master and living legend Dr Bernstein, many problems related to high blood sugar get fixed with normal blood sugars. His definition of normal is not the same as that of ADA et al.

    Without going into the latin and greek names, can anyone explain why my SGPT came down from 49 to low 30's within a year of cutting out high carb nonsense? And, not a fluke case as it has stayed there as evident from two subsequent reports.

    When Dx'd, Doctor thought I was boozing and asked me if I booze when he saw 49. I haven't boozed since 2000.

    Getting next to this classic case from Dr Chhajed -- jason Fung chela in Indore:


    Can anyone who follows Harvard and Mayo explain the reports?

    At the end of the day, the issue is get normal blood sugars -- same as a non diabetic all throughout the day. Many things will fix automatically.

    I had random bumps issues which opthal couldn't fix for 9 months and Alpha Lipoic Acid did it in one month, which I tried on my own as I refused Omnacortil 40mg that he wanted me to take. Now, this again is not a freak cases as now we have a similar case with similar results on Alpha Lipoic Acid.

    Cracked skin issue resolving on normalizing blood sugars. Does Mayo Harvard answer that? Again these are real world experiences.

    So diabetics are not normal human beings so rules that apply to non diabetics wrt diet are simply not applicable to diabetics, no matter who says it.

    I read a post from someone today that we are not here to solve blood sugar spikes as there is metformin to control that. I had a laugh as same guy is selling diet online for 1000+ bucks -- for a balanced diet :)

    We have to get to the "nichod" of the issue and nichod is -- aim for non diabetic numbers with least possible drugs -- diet should be the key and not drugs.

  • very true @anup ji 'Diet should be key' drugs is last option....

    But LCHF is not answer for each and everything....

    we have to take some supplements... as you opted for alpha lipoic acid.

  • Well, whatever body cannot make, no harm in taking. After four years now I have literally stopped Alpha Lipoic acid and problems do not recur. Earlier it used to resurface with 3 days to 2 weeks. Now, for months I can be off from ALA.

    Right now one diabetic is going through observations similar to mine. As soon as he stops, problems resurface and once he restarts ot vanishes. So, told him to be on it for 3 years, based on my own experience which he is ratifying through his own experiments.

    Can anyone who follows harvard or mayo provide a scientific answer to these reproducible observations?

    So, I started with Fish Oil capsules to get 600mg of DHA+EPA daily :)

  • fish oil??? and what about mercury in the same??

  • A rant of drug industry because they can't raise HDL through Drugs.

    What about mercury in Vaccines? Do they ever talk about it? Thimerosal? NO. They only talk about mercury in Maskara and Fish Oil capsules and not in vaccines and dental fillings that they practiced for decades and are still doing. Classical case of $$$ driven hypocrisy :)

  • and lead in petrol

  • Well, yes but leaded petrol has become history now.

    Why talk of lead in petrol. Latest case was Lead in MAGGI which even Moms of 20 years old are shown on TV cooking in 2 minutes for their overgrown kids.

  • so u want to increase ur HDL @Anup??? what is current level??

  • Despite all the loads of saturated fat -- vco, eggs, butter etc-- it is stuck at 35/36 and LDL at 90 TC 160.

  • @anup bhai....start haldi achar.....curcuma amada... and some strength training.....

    My HDL is increasing steadily for last 6 months....and LDL is falling continuous... TG below 100 all the time...

  • Bhai mere ... tried walking, tried jogging, tried some strength building too. The damn thing doesn't budge. Fish oil option I had kept it for last. So, now exhausting that option too :)

  • shashikant is using kalounjee oil i is bit costly....I never tried.... apna kam sastawala hota hai....

    I am using kalounjee powder...first get them light roasted and the crush...

  • I am kanjoos too. But, had bought kalonji oil online from Prano Flax in 2011 and never used it. Too many oils were being experimented with back then. So finally had to throw it.

  • hahahaha.....use kalunjee....very cheap...

  • haldi and kalounjee will give u nice results...

  • Anup

    "someone today that we are not here to solve blood sugar spikes as there is metformin to control that. I had a laugh " you will have many more laughs in future.

  • Thanks.

    Right now I am multiplexing on three jobs :)

  • Ashka9

    Very right. At least i'm not preaching anything here. But i'd love everybody to learn the basics of D. Then you can make your own path to trade your journey on.

  • Thanks Ma'am the video is too good. I think everyone must watch.

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