Iam suffering with diabetes with blood level 450mg/dl.what is the medicine i should take please help any one


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  • As @cure said LCHF (Low Carb High fat) diet.

    I am personally aware of 600+ Indians benefiting and I am into SIXTH YEAR DRUG Free Type 2 diabetic, landing non diabetic numbers. Here's a gist of my journey:


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  • Yes, fundamentally you have to grasp the need to eat less sugar, flour, grains, cereals, fruit, peas, beans, lentils, chickpeas, root vegetables and tubers. Eat sufficient natural fat instead, to meet your weight management needs.

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  • DO NOT ask people on the forum as to which medicine you should take. With sugar level of 450mg/dl you need to see a doctor and take the medicine they prescribe. They may even have you start on insulin. Get started on medicines, bring the sugar levels down to a manageable level and do your own research on what diet you want to follow.

    Just because you take medicine now to control your bs doesn't mean you have to take them forever, but these are some very high bs levels that need to be brought down.

  • please dont  go   by   these forum  advises.   Go  to   Hyderabad, Care   hospital Rd. no.10, Banjara Hills,    meet  Dr.  Bipin Kumar Sethi,  DM  endocrinology, (  age   definitely   60++)   and a  well  known  Diabetic  specialist, in India and abroad,  he  speaks fluent, Hindi, English, Punjabi, Telugu !!!!!!   I  dont know  what  other languages he speaks   !!!!  (  as  a  person  he is   very   simple,   saint like  attitude,   very very  friendly,   not  only  himself,  he  trained  his  assistants  and  associates  also  in  the  same  fashion.)  When I  had some prostrate problem,  some  tests  were  conducted, by  one  Dr. Vyas Nrayan Rao,  DM   Urology,   found,  my sugars are  at  495.   Then  That  great, great  doctor  told me,  I  can  take  care of your  urology  issues, ( which he really did with one capsule and  one tablet in 1 month...he is  definitely  around  80 years, pray  god give him health and long life,)  first   go  and  see  Dr.  Sethi  at Out Patient Care   Hospital at Rd.  no  10,  which  I did immediately  ( at   any  given  time minimum  200 patients  will  be there,  he comes to  his hospital  around   6 am (  really  6 am )  and  god  knows  when  he  reaches  home.   He  put  me  on insulin immediately,  and in  6 days time,   he  brought me  to  2   tablets  one in  morning  and  one  in  evening.  now  my blood  sugars  are   within permissible  and  acceptable  limits.  But   go  by  his  advises  (  medicine,   food   and  exercise, and every thing.  He  and  his  associates  will  take  your   call  and  advise  you at any time  in 24 hours,  great  people.   first go  and   see  him  with  your  reports.  I know  his  associates, Dr. Jayant  and  Dr. Harsh,  (  I  think both   are MDs)   very  friendly and helpful.      First  time  you  pay Rs.500/-  and  next  time  onwards  it  will  be  Rs.400/-  only .      Medicines  they  prescribe   are  cheapest   in the market.    Top  of it,  you  can be in touch  with  them  through  their  email,   and  you  will  get   reply   in  10 mnts time.   you  don't   have to  go  to them personally  every time.   First  time  you need to travel  to Hyderabad.  I  am  sure  you  will be  fit  n  fine   very  soon.  have   faith  in  god.    Better late  than never.   God  bless  you.   good  luck.

  • Tq very much

  • Consult a doctor as immediate step.

    Then switch over to LCHF diet gradually and check the results and then reduce the medicines gradually until it becomes zero medicine.


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  • A new medicine bgr 34 is a wonderful medicine for a permanent çontrol of sugar level. My wife is using it for last 4 months and excellent result without any side effects.

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  • In short it is FRAUD.

  • That's not fair aks666 :)  NGR is made in India just like Diabecon. How about throwing people a lifeline when the need is there?  BGR: bgr-34.life/

    Here's another well known Indian formulation - DIABECON: himalayawellness.com/produc...

    Proof of the pudding is in the EATING.

    No venture, no gain (in bizness)

    No pain, no gain (in the gym)

    But dietary adjustment is always the number one as well as the primal step, of course.

  • Where's the Trial report on humans?

    Diabecon has some trial reports at least.

    BGR is tested on animals and that too no report is public. There's nothing new in BGR.

  • I never got a reply from company when I asked for trial report more than a month back:


    Still waiting.

  • Yes, the ingredients are common stuff you can find here and there.  You can buy them separately and then combine them and make your own pills/caps.  Much too expensive, this BGR. Sorry, I've read that it's only now available on the market but I have yet to see it retailed in my part of the world.  I had better stick my diet plan first... before adding supplements.   Who knows - they may jolly well  respond to demands for clinical trials and presto you and Anup will then get the report of the trial results.

  • You have to follow certain strict diet for one and half year and ur diabetes will get cure completely .God Bless Mr Tate for this invention yes its ayurvedic medicine which have no side effects no bhasma and powder.

    Just give refrence of Dhotre Guruji.

    Diet you have to follow very stricktly for one and half year

    No rice products and rice

    No sabudhana Products and sabhudana

    No sugar and sugar free tablets

    No potatos and swet potatoes

    Fruit u have to eat in evening time around is only Apply or Awla / jambhul....no other fruit strictly

    You have to follow very very stricDiabetes is not curable disease which we use to say but today one person Mr Tate invent the medicine by which u can get cure the name of that medicine is Ojamin just give the refrence of Mr Dhotre Guruji and call on this mobile number i.e 09322889242.

    Do diet for one and half year compulsory.

    pls dont give any excuses if u started this course eg: today my friend wedding so can I I eat rice or sugar product ...you have to follow this diet for one and half year regularly i.e for 550 days .

    your constipation problem will get solve .

    your sugar level will get in control and your pancreas will create natural insulin in your body.

    This medicine tones up pancreas and yes since its ayurvedic it will take time for positive results i.e minimum 30 days to 100 days.

    this medicine purifies ur blood and increase ur immunity system.

    stop taking metformin medicine and use only this medicine and after one and half year start ur normal lyf..

    Metformin contains side effects such as hair loss/kydney failure after some years.

    yes u have to gradually slowly slowly start taking small amount of sugar after one and half year. Since its depend upon u and ur body tendency.


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