Can I live longer

In feb 2016, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes .I am scared of this ,because recently have red a article on internet that someone have type 2 con't be alive more than 15 years it makes me scared because My brother had been diagnosed with diabetes .when he was 19 years old and recently he has died some pancreas disorder.Can I live longer please tell me

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  • Change your diet.

    Look at Anup's posts and follow LCHF. Don't be mislead by so called cures such as long wheat. There is no science to back up the claims.

  • Son!

    Few things:

    (1) Calm down. You look tensed up because of diabetes.

    (2) Understand that diabetes is a disorder of not being able to handle carbohydrates.

    (3) Humans can live healthy on less carbohydrate and more good fat.

    (4) Diabetics can live longer than non diabetics if sugar levels are kept aggressively controlled. And, this is not just an OPINION. There's a STUDY which proves this.

    I was dx'd diabetic at ~48

    I take no drugs and now into SIXTH year on ZERO drugs.

    I am healthy without any problems

    So, take a deep breath and fight diabetes head on.

    Diabetes becomes a Blessing In disguise if dietitian diets are thrown in dustbin. 600+ Indians have proved how great LCHF diet is. Diabetics with even 25 years of history have reduced drugs by 80%. Your case has just started. You can live drug free for long time. Diet correction is first step.

  • Yes sir,I am tensed because I got married and have one son,My thinking about my son' future and my family

  • Sent you PM.

    There's a 30+ year old diabetic from Bangalore on

    He is off drugs, statins since long and enjoying great life on LCHF diet :)

  • Hello, Sorry to get involved. Diabetes is incurable but can be controlled. You need to have a balanced diet and strict exercise regime.

    Personally since I'm not a doctor, I cant refer what to do/not - But can help you get connected to senior diabetologist in India. (Most are ex-army specialists) - Hit on or call 08039511708.

    P.s : got referred by a member/cousin.

  • krishraju

    By following the way of Anupji followed a number of person living without ear of diabetes just follow LCHF ditet gradually you will be out of tension also.

  • Mr Raju....

    First of all let me congratulate you that you are now member of this this is the place where you can get lot many advises...

    Don't be disheartened for getting diagnosed as diabetic.

    With right type of life style and exercise you can control blood sugar.Even you can go without medicines(depends on your health condition and pancreas). it is said...LCHF or any life style modification will help in controlling you diabetes.

    There is no cure for this.

    There is only one thin NEW castle experiment. However that was for over weight person.

    I don't know if you are over weight or not.But I am over weight 105 KG with 5'10" height when diagnosed. Now 95 Kgs.

    I am going to do myself this new castle diet experiment in month of August or September this year.

    There is one ASHRAM near Pune... At urali kanchan.Established by Mahatma Gandhi.

    There they keep you fasting under medical observation. I think it is safe to do such type of fasting experiments under medical observation,who are experienced in such long term fasting things.

    Let us see.....

    But don't lose hopes.Even without getting can control the diabetes with proper diet and exercise.And live healthy long life.

    Cheerup..... Happy Holi......enjoy

  • Mr. krish raju,

    end of life is not in our hands. the life ends after you have finished breathing the cycles you have destined, whether diabetic or heart patient or suffering from any innumerable diseases.the best example is a nurse in maharashtrra lived for 27 yrs in coma. so we dont come to this world with any warranty or guarantee period card put on us by God.,

    But HE has given you discretion, gnana ,and other things to understand about anything in this world and amend/approach your ways to live happily and end happily. making life is impotant than living, not like the above nurse who lived 27 yrs like a vegetable.( pls pardon me for this comment).

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