Diabetes is for life, Learn to live with it!

Diabetes cannot be cured, but can be managed through diet control, medication and exercise, including yoga & meditation. I am a diabetic since 1982 and with the above self imposed discipline, I am still carrying on.

Stop thinking and take action suggested above. If some one claims to cure diabetes, ask him to climb the nearest gum tree and stay on top of it. Even G-d can't cure diabetes.


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  • Very informative and very helpful for the group. Thank you for posting this.

    Happy and Healthy New Year ahead!

  • Thanks and wish the same to you and your group.


  • Thank you!

  • It is very true, narasimhan2003!

    People like you are inspirations for people learning diabetes management.

    Please keep on posting your suggestions!

  • Thank you sir,very analytical

  • Thanks 🙏 very true experience

  • What is the gum tree and where is it growing? I would like to climb it!

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