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How I managed diabetes


The fact that diabetes is incurable is not true, at least from my personal experience. My diabetes was so, despite of taking metformin 500 mg, my A1C was 7.7. and I weighted 174 lbs ( I am 5' tall, of course that I was obese). I had a bad eating habit. I had to eat rice twice a day, chicken, cheese, potato chips, noodles etc. The only thing I didn't eat was sugar, sugary food and drinks One day, one of the doctors I met for first time scared me to a point where I decided to change my life and manage it. This is how I managed it.

1. I researched myself to see what food makes my blood sugar go high and what doesn't. I ate all different food at night and checked my fasting sugar level in the morning.

2. I boiled little bit of neem powder in water and drank first thing every morning. I gave up meat, rice, noodle, pasta, potato chips. I ate little portion of food which would be two whole wheat bread with butter in the morning for breakfast. 2 chapatis dal, and green vegetable . Chapati, beans and vegetable for dinner. If I was hungry, I at one boiled egg white, carrots, cucumber or apple. I ate my dinner 3 hrs before going to bed at night. I exercised 30 minutes everyday. Three months later my A1C dropped to 7.0.

3. By this time I lost about 20 lbs. I started replaced neem water with apple cider vinegar. I drank 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with one big glass of water (about 1/2 liters). I replaced chapati with oatmeal, I ate two tablespoon of flax seed, couple of walnuts, grapefruit. I also ate 2 cloves of raw garlic everyday. in 6 months my A1c went down from 7.0 to 5.9.

4. I kept doing the same thing. Periodically I ate gooseberry. In six months my A1C is 5.8. I am off the medication. By this time I am 25lbs lighter and my final weight is 129 lbs. I feel more energetic and healthy. I am so happy I did it....

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it is good to hear about DM but we should not say that it is cure instead say DM is under control.So thinking that DM is cured & eating again routine food will reverse back it

Congrats !! Diabetes is very well managed vth food ecercise nd vth or vthout meds..keep it up

Congratulations, you have done well, however a word of caution that most combinations work for a while and leads to "Resistance" and needs to bring about some additional changes in ; exercise, food habits, medicines, mind mgt etc and with your observation it would come handy. One other thing is the physiological breakdown with time demanding more attention.

very impressive.


This is not cure,but say in a layman language control. if and when you deviate5% form your diet pattern, you will again be diabetic. still 5.7%HbA1c is not in non diabetic range. It should be about 5or5.1%.

First of all thanks for sharing your story and congratulations on "Successfully controlling" your diabetes. Yes A1C of < 5.6 is considered as non-diabetic but it is the upper bound of what is considered as normal A1C. If you are a meal with rotis and other things and measured your PP bs levels would they be under 145 mg/dl? Would you see the "normal PP" reading each time you ate a traditional Indian meal (doesnt have to have some sweet/ halva etc. either) going forward? If the answer to that question is yes your PP bs readings will be < 145 mg/dl without any medications eating the traditional roti/rice daal, sabji etc meal then you can say your diabetes is cured. If the answer is NO and your A1C is < 5.6 then you have managed to keep it under control.

Given the food you said you eat, let me make a few suggestions to you -->

Try having a green smoothie/ juice in the morning.

If you can replace chapatis with a roti/ bhakri made with jowar, bajra or ragi that would be more beneficial.

Try to incorporate sprouted beans in your food. You can eat raw mung sprouts or masoor sprouts in salads (make like a pachadi/ raita)

If you eat nuts, eat them soaked.

Good luck

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