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Best Cheese for Vegetarian with Diabetes Type 2?

New to this Forum and great information .

I am Type 2 and trying LCHF diet - As a Gujju Vegetarian - No Eggs Chicken , Fish or Meat!

I wonder if any one has any knowledge of best cheese for Type 2?

I normally have Mature Cheddar with my Salads - Is Cheese a Good source of Fat for Diabetics?

Are Camembert and other soft cheeses OK?


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You can use cottage cheese and fetta cheese

Also you can make cheese out of hung yogurt once all water is out of yogurt press with heavy object for 30 minutes you will get solid cheese freeze for two hours and cut squares and add to salads


You can also make sprouts of moong full masoor and moth

As well boil black Chana or kabuli Chana make salads

These are most healthy no fat no carbs may add onions and or greens carrot cucumber

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Best would be home made paneer.

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Salad and green vegies will kick Diabet out of your body. Eat only traditional food that your parents and grand parents used to eat. This will improve your immune system (which you got from your parents). Green vegies will help produce new red blood cells. Stop taking any medicine.


Full-fat soft cheeses would provide most fat, and some protein. Full-fat hard cheeses provide more protein as a proportion, though they are still higher in fat, and you want cheese from animals that have been grass fed to get omega-3 too.


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