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Diabetis and day to day problems


I am 70+. When I was 58 ,I had a shoulder seizure.During the medical checkup at Kamineni Hospital,Hyd.,I was diagonised with type2 Diabetis.I started with Metformin 250mg,twice a day,(night-1,after lunch-1).

There is a gradual increase of medication .As on to day , the dosage is Nt...500mg,After lunch...500 mg Metformin, Morning....Januvia..50mg. Fasting sugar ..110.

I frequently feel hungry and weak.

Breakfast..promogranate 1no,orange 1no.,oats .in milk ..1cup.

Lunch... Korralu,veg,egg,curd,.Night...2pulakas. 1cup curd.

What sort of food I should take to bring down no of calories,and control medication.

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LCHF is the solution

As above, research LCHF - Low Carbohydrate, High Fat.

Results can be amazing if you take on board the concept.


Sir, you should go on low carb high fat (lchf) diet with some exercising. High fat means healthy fatsSearch for lchf in this site as well google you will get lot information. Start working your meal plans accordingly. Exercise is must. Few hours of cardio with moderate strength training sessions per week makes you strong. Eating pomegranate for breakfast definitely shoots your sugar and makes you hungry. Rather eat veg ( no potato) parata or 2 vadas vth sambhar or pesarittu dosa etc.

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