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Diabetes II Reversal - scientific evidence

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so do you think the research by Dr.Roy Taylor is useless ? or misguiding


but do you think, removing fat from liver and pancreas will reverse diabetes..


Emphatically yes! And it occurs well before any significant weight loss.


but do you think, removing fat from liver and pancreas will reverse diabetes..



true.. atleast patients who are BMI 35 will definitely get benefit from this study.


brother don't think like negative approached Indian mind..think like a global mind..with positive approach..go through tons of scientific publications on diabetes reversal by Dr.Roy Taylor and his team and research done on 32 patients ..they are not salesman selling any supplement, they don't sell anything.


thanx anup , let us see if any tries this in india.


Diabetic HBP and heart problem persons became weak due to consuming so many allopathic drgs which is prepared from chemicals and it has so much side effects. For diabet All these diseases due to notcirculating blood in the body as properly dueto insulin resistanc or insulin defficiency This also causes slowly for blood circulation and thus it happens for HBP and heart problems.

Most of the Doctors prescribed vitamin and mineral supplements for weakness Because when insulin in the blood not flowing properly food consuming is not digest normally and it may be stored asbad fat and became toxins then most of nutritions may not observed by the body .

the diseases person may also taken supplements particularly diabetic HBP and Heart problempersons mustbe taken vitamin and mineral supplements including vit B12 vit D and calcium That is why Diabeteologist prescribed every patient at least once ina year go for diabetic package test.

the supplements must be taken by the diabetic persons either LCHF or ADA or LW dietpersons.

I may not sure any one of them not used vitamin supplements recently one user name CONCERNED posted that hewas not consuming any vitamin supplement and he restricted his carb below 150 gms.

Myself also taken the vitamin supplements ASHWAGANDA AND SHILAZITH CAPSULES from Ayurvedic property.

whenever I am going outside my head quarter for tour or any work more than 2 or 3 days then I am consumed BECOSULES Z and RAUNTIC150 mg

those who not used vitamin supplements may share here with their diabetic drugs detail and food consumtion dail if it possible we may also try to followed in future


Either diabetic or non diabetic persons generally how much of protein and fat may be tolerated ? Protein consumed is from guidelines 1gm /kg or 0.8gms / kg from different sources.

But I may not known about fat consumed by the person here the main tolerance of the person according to his nature ofthe body and resistance . Early young age persons may tolerated high consuming fat But aged persons have less resistance power and also digestion power. their liver work became weak. so they cannot tolerated too much fat Excess fat may having stomach pain or decently ( Loose motion ) etc.

This happens more than 90 % of person. this is also applied for sicked persons Their liver function too weak they cannot tolerated to digest even excess of milk and fat consumption for these peoples may not possible .


Anup Ji,

I am 64 yrs. old with diabetes2. I have had communication with you earlier few times. I am following 16/8 and it's hard for me to adjust

20%-20%-60% Menu. I never eat breakfast. Please suggest the manu under these guidelines. In 2 months I took 1/2 of my reg medicne may be 5/6 times.



Your opinion is accurate but i am pointed out for old aged persons and sicked persons and also bed ridden persons Most of them have no teeth they may used only liquid food only Mostly aged person and their body became weak day by day these peoples may not tolerate heavy protein and also fat. The light and most liquid food is only helpful for these persons

My comment and my opinion applies only for aged persons and heart problems persons However some of cases may different some of person may be used fat more and they may good self but I am stated as generally


Liver produces Cholesterol it is also a fat Yes excess of carbohydrate consumed that means non digested portion of carbohydrates or fat or protein it should be stored as a fat and toxin property in the body This is main causes our body became illness For diabetic it forms problems for constipation and insulin resistance

that is why AYURVEDIC THEORY STATES THAT HITHAWACK MITHAWACK RUTHUWACK and also syas that without starving you may not consume further any food You must given minimum of 5 hours to each consumption of food

Further main question also stands how to avoid storage of liver. Liver should be stored minimum of 150-200gms of carbohydrates to utilises emergency condition of the body When whatever circumstances the person became hypo this liver helps to save the person by releaseing glycogen


Agreed Carbohydrate fat and protein are the essential for the body and these are called as main ingredients of the body . but how much quantity is used depend upon the each individual persons nature digestion power and activity

Sportsmen and heavy worker and athletics used heavy protein fat and carbohydrates but due to their heavy activity they have digested completely and there is no problems for their health .

But also every person has not same height wt. and body nature.

The persons body has made slim posture medium posture and big posture All these persons digestion power is different.

if excess of protein consumed it may effects to kidney function Carbohydrate digested quickly but too much of carbohydrate consume is also danger Excess of carb non digested portion became fat in the body and forms toxin and also results insulin resistance and other diseases.

if excess of fat consumed it may also became toxin or more triglyceride ?

What happens when too much fat consumed by the person either diabetic or non diabetic ?

i am not against using saturated fat and other fat andalso using low carb

My opinion is too much whatever is bad it must not digested properly in the body

Please share your opinion


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thanks for the video.


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