Hello, everyone !

I have started LC HF since 22.11.2015.

After 50 days following are tahe results.

FBS 145

Breakfast: Sprout Moong, Peanuts, Seasame seeds, 1sp VCO, 10gms Butter,1/2 sp VOO

Lunch: 1 Roti, salads with 1/2 sp VOO, coconut, peanuts

PBS: 156,

Dinner: 2 egg Omlete, salad with 1/2 sp VOO

PBS: 130

I take Janumet 50+1000 before lunch and before dinner

I take Ashwagandha at bedtime

For few days I went in evening,but found that my BS increases after walking. i stopped.

I also take few almonds and Spinach Juice in morning. and two cups tea.

Pl, suggest me what changes should I make in my Diet or medication to lower my sugar level. Should I start medicines after breakfast also ?


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2 Replies

  • your FBS still high

  • Few questions:

    (1) What were yr drugs and numbers (FBS/PPBS/A1C) before LCHF?

    (2) Do you head for morning walk on empty stomach. If yes, when do u measure FBS?

    (3) What's there in salads?

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