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i have been digging google since i have been diabetic , hunting for solutions n remidies and of course easy way to get rid of this Devil , i was worried n scared and ofcourse sad as many things i was enjoying had to be stopped. many remidies like karela juice, soaked up fenugreek seeds to eating dahi empty stomach or hangging upside down on a tree lol , but it didnt workout many suggestions, many blogs , many people , went confused n blank huh... but yes i did find out wat can be the best way to control sugar levels , i brought my Hba1c from 9.5 to 6.3 by just controling what i eat n walking 20 to 30 min per day i eat no sweet but all sugerfree products and no cola no soda no junkfood n frien stuff no stress my wife is been a only help in taking care of alllll the things but yes whenever i eat rice it shoots up to 200 plus. hoping one day i win over n forget being extra sweet (diabetes)



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  • Very nice !

    I also doing the same things.

    Morning walk 3 kilometres & evening walk 2 kilometres daily. No sleeping in daytime. Office 11 to 5 pm. Age 66 weight 102 kg BSL 150-200.

  • your BSL. is on a higher side pls take a note of it . all the best

  • Try LCHF diet.. It has benefitted lot of people in this forum... It will bring ur HbA1c levels below 6...

  • Best thing to add is oats and besan as your main meal you can then indulge and eat some food of your choice or just taste some sweets ( not to eat big portions)

    Do not eat at all rice and potato

    You can eat sweet potato ( sakarkandi ) that is very healthy even for Diabitic

    I am 76 and I have diabities for 40 years

    Controlled with Jowun ( oats ) masala roties

    50 % jowun + onion chilie garlic salt spring onion ect may add besan ect

  • what is besan

    I read about pander dodi ?

    any ideas

  • Chick pea powder( black Channa powder )

  • i EAT RICE AND POTATO I am also 76 running .most of the time wheat dosa and

    local food ragi thatis all.

  • Pls can u tell about ur dailydiet and how u manage diabetes since last 40yrs ie what is ur routine. Whatvu hv for bf lunch and dinner.

  • i don have diabetes for 40 years its been just 3 years , i follow LCHF principal n cardio n cycle 20 min n being happy

  • Besan is chickpea flour

  • yes, I agree with Chaman-3501, besan is good for diabetic. I make besan dosa.

  • Hi Aditya, I was able to reverse diabetes with diet and routine. I have documented it in the following article. Kindly go through it, it might be helpful.



  • Very useful information with more details. This will benefit most of this forum members. Good job. Thanks & regards.

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