gluten , gut and general health

Its good to read that in India too people are getting aware of problems related to gluten load in gut...

Some Bestsellers to support this concept( stolen from above article :) ) :

Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health by William Davis got people talking about gluten last year in America. A cardiologist, Davis believes eliminating wheat prevents fat storage and reverses myriad health problems. The book blurb says that after “witnessing over 2,000 patients regain their health after giving up wheat, Davis reached the disturbing conclusion that wheat is the single largest contributor to the nationwide obesity epidemic — and its elimination is key to dramatic weight loss and optimal health.”

and dont forget "Grain Brain"...

After reading this article I could not stop myself from posting in forum a lesson for our diet :)

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  • I can vouch for giving up wheat. Been without wheat and rice for more than 5 months now. What a great life without them.

  • yes Anup...body and mind both seems light ...

  • BTW whats your view on lactose intolerance usage of milk is quite popular in India and that may also hidden cause of many small to big health problems ...just this question bubbled up in mind ...

    I know It would be tough to live on earth if we Indian diabetic give up wheat and dairy both :)

  • So better to avoid milk and have Bullet proof coffee, black tea or green tea or with coconut milk

    My next step

    By the way cheese. Hung curd, ghee, butter are safe..

    Good article

  • cheese. Hung curd, ghee, butter are safe ?? ...All milk hormones cling to the fat in the milk(like excess estrogen which is present in milk of pregnant cow, growth hormones given to cow for excess milk production) ....

    Though cheese. Hung curd, ghee, butter have less lactose ...but they have all hormones present in milk including IGF-1 which adults dont need much ....

  • How does artificial insemination make meat poisonous?

  • Jingale

    my dear friend. Artificial insemination is introduction of semen via syringe into the uterus -womb. Artificial because the semen is introduced without natural intercourse. It can't make meat poisonous. Yes the drugs used thereafter to get more meat cause poisoning.

  • rhetorical question... ;)

  • Yes very safe as long as one is not following the so called balanced diet. You just cannot consume EXCESS on what some call truncated diet ;)

    Excess consuimption is a gift of HIGH CARBS. Calorie restriction FAILED yet again:

  • How can we define excess wrt to dairy products

  • If you check the recent Japanese study link that I posted in my reply above, those on LOW CARB were not given any directions for "so called excess". Yet, Low Carb WON.

    Extrapolating the idea of "EXCESS" often mentioned by High Carbers just doesn't apply in same context to LOW CARB.

    Here's one more:

    People should be talking about "EXCESS" insulin floating around in blood more than anything else as that will really throw light on what really is EXCESS in diet. That will expose everything more than anything else.

  • and what about excess estrogen floating in blood instead of excess insulin ?

  • esterogen from where?

    Don't go by the "conventional" definition of Low or High fat by ADA standards.

    esterogen and fat is more of a pcrm propaganda. Appachen with prostrate issue and yet on highest fat diet and stable among all of us on the LC diet is a classical example of failure of pcrm theory.

  • You are taking me wrong ...I am not opposing fat ...I am just shared what I thought may be problem clinging to Fat like ghee Butter in abundance and over reliance on Dairy products ...and got a big lecture :D

    VCO can rescue from this condition still fat is high ...I think you are thinking emotionally rather than being rational for LCH_ :D Did you forget that I am in your team :)

  • Naah karch .. sorry if what I posted sounded like lecture. You know very well, I don't forget anyone easily -- diet helps there too :)

    I still remember who was the first person who switched to LCHF here way back on 2013, despite all the scaremongering against it. Incidentally, he was a HYPERTENSION patient also.

    FAT and Esterogen relation is all PCRM propaganda with attempt to sound convincing by linking to cancer. May sound off topic but to counter that pcrm myth

    If PCRM was right, wonder why they improved. ketogenic diet is much higher in fat that we take on our "diet" :)

  • I never knew PCRM and estrogen link :) ...though I read books but was not a good reader on internet ...anyways lets bury this topic here ...

    BTW Anup Ji :D when are writing about the post for Intermittent fasting ...many IF savvy will follow and give opinion there after...I am eagerly waiting for your post related to IF

  • karch

    No Ji please :)

    I write new posts on only.

    If I write a post on LCH* here few guys are waiting to press the "Report to Admin" button so that I can be restricted/banned permanently.

    And IF is more of a LCH* related topic.

    I will risk doing this once the tie up with a hospital that I am negotiating with for propagating LCH*is through. That's my final aim now :)

  • You can post In LCH* D forum... No one will report there

  • karch @anup

    not estrogen but oxytocin injected into the animal to get more milk does appear in the milk. This may cause breast enlargement even in males.


  • You had mentioned about Lactose in Milk.

    hence my reply

    You had not mentioned about hormones

    Then the discussion would take a different turn where we have to then avoid the diary products altogether. But which food is safe today..?

  • I was reading about hormones in milk I asked...I know it was irrelevent to ongoing topic....

    Avoiding totally is not possible , as diet is already so restricted...but question is how much is too much when we talk about industrial milk , which is laced with hormones (specially estrogen , which is harmful for body if feeded in large quantity ...and as we are so much depend on milk regularly, so keep a check on daily intake of estrogen is important (I read in industry they milk cows during last stages of pregnancy and the milk in that stage is full of estrogen)

    Anyway its better to leave this topic for a while and start in a different thread

  • Shashi...

    Yes. I'm also of the opinion that milk should be avoided because milk sugar disturbs your numbers.

    When i was taking cheese at night with legumes or vegetables after going grain free my fbs remained high between 145 and 184. Now i have stopped cheese and my fbs has come down by 30. Hung curd also should be taken with caution. Perhaps proteins in them get converted to carbs and raise our numbers.

  • We all respond differently

    Cheese helps many to avoid dawn phenomenon

    But appears for some it does not work

    Anyway I am slowly shifting to coconut milk in place of milk

    But I really love cheese and would be stickng to it

  • Shashi...

    Yes. I'm also of the opinion that milk should be avoided because milk sugar disturbs your numbers.

    When i was taking cheese at night with legumes or vegetables after going grain free my fbs remained high between 145 and 184. Now i have stopped cheese and my fbs has come down by 30. Hung curd also should be taken with caution. Perhaps proteins in them get converted to carbs and raise our numbers.

  • On dairy -- I use hung curd, cheese, butter, clarified butter and paneer primarily. Milk is just restricted to coffee with milk or even milk with turmeric once in a while for a change.

  • Hi anup, can u tell me what your meal plan looks like if there is no wheat and rice. We are vegetarians with no eggs even. If u can just give a sample meal plan it will help for example what you ate yesterday would be good. Thanks.

  • diahelp

    Morning : Green juice made of one Karela (Bitter Melon) + Amal ( Indian Goosberry). Add up small piece of ginger. Option of adding aloe vera

    Tea/ Coffee: Made with coconut milk or regular milk


    1-2 teaspoon of Apple cider vinegar with a lemon juice added diluted in a glass of water

    Handful of sprouted Mung . Methi (Fenugreek) sprouts. Both can be prepatred at home.

    5 overnight soaked walnuts & almonds each

    1 or 2 cooked vegetables (Non starchy veg) with grated coconut garnishing. Add up some ghee on it

    Besan chilla with butter on it

    Paneer and or cheese

    Salads like cucumber. onion etc

    1 tablespoon of Virgin Coconut oil directly as a syrup

    This should fill you up & you will feel hungry around 3 or 3.30 pm

    Maybe you can have a small cup of tea around 11.30 or so

    Lunch: 1-2 cooked veg. Add up some nuts like walnuts , almonds & or peanuts, Salads like cucumber. onion etc

    Infact if u have the above BF then you will not be too hungry for lunch

    You can modify the above suggestions as u like it

    Evening some tea / coffee without sugar but with stevia

    Some peanuts. Flax seeds as and when you want.


    1-2 teaspoon of ACV with a glass of water.

    Have 1-2 cooked veg with ghee . Salads like cucumber. onion etc

    Half glass of full fat milk with malai. add up 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder a small pinch of pepper and 1/2 teaspoon of ghee.

    These can be juggled as per your like

    I take as above nowadays..

  • Hi Shashikantiyengar,

    Please dont take bitter things like karela and neem regularly as these are bad for eyes in long term .

    BTW this LCH_ menu is Doable and good :)

    So you take grains in one meal of the day ??

  • Only at night. Small qty brown rice with some quinoa. 1/4 of a handful. With ghee and some chatni powder. With some cooked veg.

    This too only on insistence of by BH

    But some days I manage to dodge this also at dinner.

    Small increase in BS below 140 is noted when I take this qty of grain

    Else it's around 100 with only veg at dinner.

  • yes Shashikantiyengar

    regular use of Azartica Indica is not good for male.....

  • Neem: I use less

    Karela : about 2 weeks in the month only.

    Earlier daily. Now reduced and depend on the truncated diet only

  • Anup

    very right. Once you stop eating wheat, rice and other grains you realize that they are not essential part of our diet. As far as we diabetics are concerned after going grain free our body gives different feelings.

  • Hmm ...even for non -diabetics too ...

    Grains have privilege to store for longer time need to take extra precautions for storage

  • karch

    We are privileged people. Can't take carbs. For nonD carbs are the cheapest source of energy. Also found in abundance.

  • Yes, life is great and blissful without wheat, rice, corn etc.

  • karch ‘Our grandparents ate this' doesn't hold good any more since we're now consuming new strains of wheat. Dr. B.S. Ramakrishna concurs, stating that unlike ancient diploid wheat varieties, “modern hexaploid wheat has highly antigenic glutens, more capable of inducing celiac disease”.

  • Even ancient Egyptian mummies show that grains and high carbs aren't good, weren't good in hindsight ... so grandparents theory never really was a science. As Dr Michael R Eades puts it:

    "At least a nirvana for all the so-called nutritional experts of today who are recommending a diet filled with whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and little meat, especially red meat. "

    "The moral of this tale of ancient poor health is that a whopping load of carbs – even non-refined carbs – didn’t do Hatshepsut a whole lot of good, and they don’t do us much good either irrespective of the bleatings to the contrary by today’s nutritionists, who are woefully unaware of the history of the high-carb diet."


  • Many had heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity – all the same disorders that we experience today in the ‘civilized’ Western world. Diseases that Paleolithic man, our really ancient ancestors, appeared to escape.

  • India FoodsRice and wheat appear to have been the staple food in the age of Brahmanas. Different products of barley and rice, mentioned in the Aitareya are dhana, karambha, parivdpa, purodds`a andpayasyd. These were mainly fried barley; cooked with butter, powder of dhana fried with butter, parched rice fried in butter, rice-cake, mixture of curd and milk.

    Milk and various milk products that were used include clarified butter, curdled milk, dadhi (curd), karambha (porridge), ghrta (unmelted butter), navanita (cream or fresh butter), sdnndyya (mixture of curd and milk), mixture of milk and sotna, cam (milk, curd, honey, butter etc. mixed together), sara (thickened surface of milk), etc.

    Udumbara (sacrificial fig), jujube and berries are some of the edible fruits mentioned in the Brahmanas. Shatapatha Brahmana mentions sugarcane. Aitareya Upanishad mentions shoots of Banyan trees and fruits of fig.........


    ............Meat Eating in Ancient India

    In ancient India meat was not only eaten, but was also regarded as the best kind of food. The meat of barren cows and sterile ox, goat and sheep was a delicacy. We learn from the Shatapatha Brahmana and Aitareya the vogue of beef-eating; it used to be served to a king or other highly respectable guests.

    The Sutras also bear clear testimony to meat-eating. Meat, both roasted on spits and cooked in pots, appears to have been in use. It was an essential element in madhuparka offered to distinguished guests.

    Vegetarian food, excluding animal and fish meat became the norm only after the coming of Buddhism. In the Gupta period people mostly ate vegetables, cereals, fruits, breads, and drank milk.

  • Yes...If you observe the countires which have less lands to cultivate proper grains through the year or weather is harsh to grow crops through out year ...they have healthiest people and live longest the proof that grains are not necessary to eat through out the year or as a essential part of meal...

    I had dogs which we used to feed milk and roti ...and some dogs who like to eat vegetable and fruits more and eat less roti than milk and veg...were the healthiest and lived longer in family...even one used to eat only fermneted doodh roti was most intelligent and healthy :D ...whom we gave meat were most strong to break the dog chain :) and my mausi had a dog which lived more than 15 years and he used to eat eggs daily :) ...he lived till he lost all his teeth :)...I know this may seem irrelevant , but like dogs we too are omnivorous and can not dependent on grains for all our nutrition mainly

  • karch

    once upon a time I had 22 hounds ;)


    Hmm since you are from that u know anything about 'Rampur Hounds'?????

  • No...I dont know...we had German Shepherd 2 times and surprising if we tried to make it vegetarian it got sick(as mother and father turned vegeterian ) ...other one we kept on meat it got strong and used to run away by breaking dog chain and died in an accident

    rest of others were white small hairy cute ones...surprisingly the white small ones go good on vegetarian food(mostly milk and chapati ) and some times veg/fruit ...

  • @anup karch

    And here...

    A very old article published in 'Outlook magazine'.

    YET owners continue to prefer imported pets like the Doberman Pinschers, Boxers, Lhasa Apsos, Cocker Spaniels, Spitzes, Dachshunds, Great Danes and Pomeranians—at prices ranging from Rs 5,000 to Rs 15,000 each. Those with champion bloodlines fetch even higher prices, as high as Rs 1.5 and Rs 3 lakh. But though desi breeds lack equivalent price tags, they don't lack any of their qualities, in fact have some extra ones. Some of which were encountered by Pune-based H.R. Gupte who, while traipsing the countryside as a scooter company salesman, encountered Indian hounds, and decided "to do something about these creatures".

    Some five years ago, he founded the Institute for Indian Canines, where along with his associates, he made earnest attempts to promote Indian hounds. "Today three of us have four Karvanis and two Pashmis. When whelping, they are kept in great comfort at our farm at Chandichowk." Gupte regrets that even kennel clubs often mess up with registrations, clubbing Pashmis with Salukis, which are essentially Afghan greyhounds, and Karvanis with Mudhol hounds.

    The situation is further confounded since the tribals, who rear these breeds are keen on developing their hunting skills and are not 'scientific' about their breeding. (A kennel club registration requires certain physical standards, like a scissor-bite, while tribals prefer dogs whose bite is overshot since it means better grip on their prey). Also, since bitches are allowed a free run around the nomadic tents, they mate with different breeds, diluting the lineage.

    "This makes getting a pure-bred hound extremely difficult," says Gupte. "We had to get a full-grown bitch instead of a pup to ensure bloodline. I'm aware there is no money in promoting Indian hounds, only difficulties. But efforts seem to be paying off. I have had enquiries from as far afield as Thiruvananthapuram and Calcutta for my hounds. People sometimes feel that their independent nature makes these hounds difficult pets, since they won't obey any silly command. But you have to see my Pashmis to appreciate how intelligent they are. They're the most even-tempered dogs." Powle is equally sentimental about his Pashmi, Hira. But the Indian-tag still being infra-dig, his neighbours nudge and laugh at the "goat masquerading as a dog" when Powle takes his now arthritic, age-bent dog for a walk. "But hounds are so graceful, yet so tough. They can't tolerate too much cold, but can withstand heat. They are not yappy like smaller breeds, nor hyperactive like Irish Setters." But they can breed only once a year while other breeds go into season biannually.

  • How is a GSD? Labs I don't like because if one is attacked the Labs keep wagging their tail even at strangers and they will do anything for food.

  • Hmm...its all the nature of individual dogs ...some dogs are aggresive by nature and some playful and friendly ...its nothing specific to breeds I guess...even GSD I had it was with us since her childhood and though she grown so big , she was childish only...became good friends with strangers , ready to play all the time ...but quite attentive during night and very aggresive for intruders in house and very active , they will not show laziness when it is call for duty...they dont spare intruders if you give them hint ...mine used to jump from first floor after monkeys, cats or some burglers..

  • @anup karch

    Once upon time I did lots of efforts to promote Indian Pure breed dogs...

    I made the local Indian salukis popular in Indian Dog game....They are called 'Pashmis'..Purest form of ancient salukis hunted once upon time in Arabian deserts.

    To me I like Guard dogs....GSD is good guard dog....but health wise not good.Same with Doberman...labs are ok as companion dogs...

    You must watch movie some day Doberman gang.,,its wonderful movie.

    Canine psychology is very deep subject.

    And all breeds have different mentality and temperament ...

    I love Pashmis....most wonderful Dog....

    Considered as El Hor (Gift of Allah) by Arabs...Fastest dog.....on loose ground it can beat grey hound....great guarding potential....

    Search on net about saluki....or pashmi....

    Next best breed is Bhutia/Tibetan mastiff.

    But very sad days its rare to find same....

  • you have deep knowledge in all kind of subjects ...

    BTW "once upon a time I had 22 hounds ;)" :O come ??

    Since childhood I liked animals and had many animals at my home ...for me ...parrots, birds, white rats , rabbits apart from of my rabbits lived for 9 years(he never ate roti...just rice and daal with me :) ) and parrot with us for 20 years(on milk, rice, veg/fruits )..and then flew away :O I know that apart from basic instincts every animal has individual nature, skills and taste too like us(some of my dogs used to be very fond of fruits and vegs and some not at all...some were very aggressive on strangers and some were not )

  • karch

    We had a big farm....and formed a society to promote 'Indian Pure Breed Dogs'.

    Recently there was one article on me and my dogs in one German magazine...

    I got hard copy...but let me search if it is available on net.

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