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Diabetes insipidus or something else?

I have a complicated set of symptoms, some had for 25 years+, and which baffle all doctors. Whilst I have a very helpful GP we are stuck at the moment, no diagnosis, no treatment, very hard to live life. Does anyone else have experience of this or give pointers?

Am early 40s, male, no previous diagnosed serious illness.

Most recently, very thirsty, drinking 6 or so litres of mainly tap water per day - but still thirsty all the time, and could drink and drink more. Recently done 24 hour urine test, produced 6.5 l urine in 24 hours. Had blood test. Apparently, all results came back as 'normal'; have GP appointment booked, but long time to wait.

I have very low salt diet, no alcohol, and very restricted diet, no processed food, see below.

I appreciate this could be Diabetes insipidus, however, relevant blood tests apparently 'all clear', am waiting to see GP, but could it still be?

Am exhausted - completely - and slightest bug knocks me out completely. Recently had laryngitis, no voice for 2 weeks and completely exhausted.

Currently am anaemic, despite having lot of supplements and trying to eat as much iron rich food as possible. Had this before. If doesn't improve soon, may have to have iron intravenously.

'Intolerant' of many foods - no gluten, diary or soya, critic, eggs, red meat, many fruit and veg are out. Eating anything I'm intolerant of makes me quite unwell - differs food from food, but lot of digestive pain, wipes me out, diarrhoea, constipation etc.

However, I focus on having as good a diet as I can from what I can eat - white meat, fish, veg I can have, seeds, nuts etc. My nut in take isn't massive, however, as I can't manage too many, and only eat them pre chopped up.

Lot of nose and throat problems, chronic rinutitus and hayfever. Medicine all year round reduces problem.

Lot of muscular problems, particular in hands / back. Can't use touch screen tablets etc. as causes too much pain in 10 minutes. Can't use normal computer mice; I just about get away with special track ball mice that I alternative between right and left hand to balance the load, for few hours a day at most.

Raynauld syndrome quite badly, particularly in feet.

My hearing is not 100%, find it hard to hear in busy rooms, probably high pitch gone. Had for years.

Eye sight not 100%, a little colour blind.

Been down the whole road of coeliac, colitus etc. and don't have any of these, apparently.

I try to work as a furniture maker, self employed. I enjoy this very much, and there is more demand this than I can supply. However, I have so much time off, and am exhausted, that I just don't do enough hours to earn anything, and this is very frustrating, although I am good at managing the frustration.

Any suggestions as to where to look would be very gratefully be received!

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You have my sympathy.

Let's assume for a moment your symptoms flag up diabetes mellitus. This is more likely though the symptoms mimic each other. Either way a low carbohydrate high fat diet probably will help. Raynauld syndrome could be down to diabetic neuropathy. Hearing and eyesight could be down to T2 as well.

The only real option you have is to change your diet. It is a lifestyle I follow myself to avoid T2 diabetes. As usual, have a look here:




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Hello, Very surprising, though some indications lead to diabetic possibility, test results should have been good enough to identify, general practitioner may not be a good enough at this stage and suggest you submit to team of specialist Dr's with advanced felicities, GOD BLESS.


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