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Diabetes and its emotional side effects

Hello All,

I am a type 1 diabetic for the last 10 years. I am on daily insulin for the 3 times a day. Initially I had to go throug a very bad phase in life due to this and had to faced a lot of challenges due to diabetes but inspite of all this it had been a smooth journey for me till now. Inspite of having this (which was very serious initially), I have managed it well, and am now working in an MNC.

But now when my parents are looking for a match (I am of age 27 now). People reject me just because of diabetes. I simply don't understand its just a way of life and why is that so difficult for people to understand. They don't even seem to do a basic research that it is simply a life style problem. I sometimes wonder what would they do if they marry some one and then they have diabetes. Would they give a divorce? :O

People would hear my story and say they are inspired. But I would want to tell them instead of just getting inspired treat us like "normal" and give us a chance to get back to '''normal' life (as of course you don't think diabetes to be normal).

Its not that I am dependent on marraige but the thought process of the so called educated and liberal society sickens me.

Has anyone out here faced any similar issue?

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It seems depressing, but would you rather want such people in your life who wont care for you...Hang in there buddy, the right one is waiting for you and you will find her soon...!!!


My Dear Friend:

Please listen carefully to my story: I am now 81 and will start, Inchallah (by the will of God), my 82nd year after 45 days, on April 11 this year. I discovered that I had abnormal sugar level in my blood when I was 40. I started to control my sugar level since then with the help of a friend doctor with pills. I started taking Insulin when I was 50 on the recommendation of a good friend doctor whose advice was that "after 50, the best control for blood sugar would be with Insulin." Till today I take 2 shots of 15 units every day. My sugar this morning was 110. So, I have a NORMAL blood sugar level, which means, medically, CONTROLLED DIABETES. As you may observe, this is the first time I use the word "DIABETES." This is because CONTROLLED DIABETES, in my opinion, is not a disease. I would rather prefer to call it CONTROLLED BLOOD SUGAR. There are millions and millions of people all around the world who have a controlled blood sugar and live as normal as normal people for years and years and years, like myself. I have a nice family, a lot of good friends, and still play tennis three times a week, and go for my gym three times a week also, and take care personally of my olive trees grove near Cairo, Egypt almost every day and produce my own olive oil which is part of my daily food.

When I discovered my abnormal sugar, my marriage life was 10 years old. My beloved wife did not divorce me! We have had a very normal marriage life which, thanks God, gave us three nice children, two beautiful girls and one handsome boy. They gave us five grand children, three boys and two girls who "inject more life into us." By the way, my wife is almost my age (as you know, women do not like to say their age). My three children are managing my company in Cairo, Egypt, which I established in the same year I discovered my abnormal blood sugar level. They are running it better than I did. Of course, I feel very proud now.

My Dear Friend: If you have a controlled blood sugar, which I hope you have, then you are not DIABETIC. Go ahead and have normal life and get married to some beautiful girl who can know and understand what diabetes actually means.

You have to thank God that you do not have one of those un-controllable "bad" diseases.

Good Luck.

Subhi AbuHamdeh

Cairo, Egypt.

Feb. 25, 2015


Hi Subhi,

Its great listening to your story.

You are blessed and lucky. I just hope that each one of us is as lucky as you are.



I salute you dear ! God bless you . You are an Idol for diabetic community .

May you live long for 100+ yrs.



Hi All,

Thanks for all the support. It was good talking to you all.

I am a strong confident independent woman.

I am just trying to understand what people thinks when they they are thinking of marraige.

I am trying to understand why aren't we (people with diabetes) considered "normal". Should people in general be made more aware of this condition called diabetes?

Friends, have you faced such discrimination and if you have what were your actions?



Last Week I saw one programme in TV for the last Ten One person has been on insulin and he has completely recovered. the Doctor who comes on TV channel (captain TV) daily morning 'NAM UNAVE NAMAKKU MARUNTHU" meaning "Native Medicine"say between 8-08:15 India Time - from Tamilnadu, said this. you can also see this in "You Tube" Pls. try to contact Dr. Sathyavani directly. This doctor gives many remedies. Trust me, Good Luck, and get cured completely. God bless you.



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