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Why Fasting Sugar is high

I have been under control of my PPS but my FS is going up irrespective of medication and exercise.

On 10/10/15 I tested and the report was as under:

Glucose Fasting 123 and Glucose PP 123. Last month it was Fasting 104 & PP 96

Upto last month I have been taking Glyciphage SR tab (250 gm i.e. ½ tab of 500gm). After that I took a trial for not taking any medication and the result after one month is FS 123 & PPS 123. Members valued suggestion is sought whether I take medication or not.

Thanks & regards

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Thanks for your prompt reply



You're eating too much carbohydrate; reduce the amount of fruit, legumes, grains, cereals, root vegetables and tubers you eat, and have some natural fat.


Thanks for your reply.

I am taking the following items:

Morning :

1 cup green tea

8 am oats

11 am tea, kheera & pc of fruit

1:15 pm 2 chappathies with veg

4 pm tea, some times nuts

7 pm Long wheat dharia uppuma

No sugar & bakery products



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