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17 Replies

  • Diabetes is an important defect in the body and needs a closer watch and control. I find that many queries raised in the forum are fundamental and people with diabetes are exhibiting zero knowledge on the same. Many diabetic patients are not consulting good diabetic doctors and rather use the forum to get a cure! May I suggest that this trend is changed and use the forum to exchange issues that can add value to the diabetes. I also recommend that people are discouraged from using the forum for sale and profit.

  • Hi esivaraman,

    LCHF diet has worked wonders and improved lives of huge number of Indian diabetics with minimal use of drugs. Drugs have reduced from 50% - 100% and yet A1C improved to non diabetic range, many went off statin drugs also because LIPIDS improved. Now this diet has become very popular among Indian diabetics who took the pains to understand and follow it.

    I, like most diabetics on LCHF diet, believe that drugs should never be the first option and we have medical reports (science) on our side.

  • This forum is not a place specifically for doctors, because this is not a "medical" forum. I know what I am doing here. Most who land here are betrayed by the mainstream practice/suggestions. I TRUST my intelligence.

    Those who live by LCHF diet to manage their diabetes with minimal dependance on drugs, don;t really care what their doctors talk about DIET -- a horrible HIGH CARB LOW FAT diet that only helps in selling more drugs.

    Dr Bernstein controlled his diabetes well before he became a doctor and he managed by going against the ADA guidelines. So, let's not talk about qualifications or competence here.

  • send me LCHF diet chart

    I am 61 yrs male with 2type diabities taking Glipride 1mg and metmorphin 500

    having blood sugar 127 fasting 150 post

  • Pl check my posts and replies through my profile


  • Please send me diet chart lchf

    Want to follow

  • In today's most commercial scenario of market and nexus of doctors and pharma one must always trust his own intelligence. May I say the common sense???

    My total cholesterol was 165 HDL was 37 and LDL was 117.Was prescribed statin.I refused and doctor ordered for stress test.Which I passed out with flying colours.Still doctor said you must take statin or reducing CVD risk after 10 years. LOL...is this same what Angelia Joli did???

    Thank you Anujee.....by cutting carbs only.....in one month my total cholestrol 168: HDL 43 and LDL 109.....I am sure by next month I will be below magic figure of below 100 for LDL.

    I personally checked my last 15 years LDL levels they were naturally low as 89.( Fortunately I have all my Cholesterol reports of mine for last 15 yrs)So I guess life style modification and Diet is sufficient for me.

    I always wonder why doctors are forcing stains then????

    Any answer??

  • STATINS are useless drugs and doesn't even help in reducing repeat heart attacks of one looks at SCIENCE and not crooked interpretation of SCIENCE as done by the "NEXUS" :)


    Doctors force statins because drug industry spends billions of dollars on greasing the palms every year. It's give-n-take at play :)

  • Dear Sir,

    Kindly explain what is LCHF diet so that the lay persons such as me could understand it very clearly. 

  • As I have always said " life is yours, health is yours and decision is always yours ". So please don't blame forum for wrong decision taken by an indivisual. Many people in this forum are very knowledgeable ,so it is totally wrong to says that people in this forum are not aware of fundamentals of diabetes. Can you provide any example to substantiate your charge , Mr.shivaraman ?


  • What is your FBS/PPBS/A1C/Diet/Drugs?

    Do you test blood sugar regularly at home?

  • I hv been a tad for over 15 years...still on tablets. I brisk walk regularly for 50 minutes , do yogasanas, particularly 'diabetic' asanas eg vakrasan. But last two years I hv been swimming 30 minutes at least for 5 days a week. After a 40 minutes breaststroke swim, my sugar level drops to 80 from 160. Not yet met any diabetologist who specifically recommends swimming (as opposed to brisk walking)

  • Anup, thanks for yr comments on LCHF diet. Can you share typical diet routine for a day preferably giving values for carbs and fibre pl?

  • Please check:


    It will take you to forum on LCHF for Indian diabetics. I have posted about my diet many times here also. You can check my old posts/replies of around 2 years back when I was active here.

  • My fbs has been 5.5 - 6.2 for months. I am on janumet 50/500 2 times daily and Glyree2mg/500 once daily. My last A1c 6.2

  • A Diabetic switching to LCHF went off Januvia and Invokana right in first week:


    Now his glimi dose is reduced to 1/4rth of original and if all goes fine then glimi will be stopped completely.

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