Why BS reversed from Normal?

Dear Mr George sir

I am your disciple following your Long wheat diet as per yr advice and walking 40 mts also. So my sugar level 4 months back FBS 212 AND PP 253. Reduced to 90 and 120 last month slowly. But after taking results within two days I met with an accident and had small injury resulting in no walking for 2 weeks. So my Sugar level up by 50 and FBS was 139. For the past 15 days I restored walking and same long wheat diet continuing. I took test yesterday in lab Fbs Was 137. Why sugar level has not reduced like earlier. I am continuing Reclimet 1_0_1. But last 15 days I had raw peanuts a handful 2_3 times/day. Pl suggest me sir. George Sir. Please suggest me sir. Still I have 100% hope in yr advice and treatment. Kindly reply me sir

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  • In my case , i eat fried peanuts my bs level also increase then i stop it.

  • Peanuts don't spike sugar.

    100 grams (equals 600kcal) has just ~19 grams carbs, so ~3 grams per 100 kcal.

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