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Homemade Powder for Diabetes

Hello Members

There are herbs which work like wonders and have shown good results in many people and there is no secret in that. These are basically the ingredients which you can get from any nearby Ayurvedic shop and use it accordingly as per each ones body or preferences.

Some of these Herbs are as follows and re the way to consume them are :

1. The 1st thing is Methi or Fenugreek which can be taken daily by getting it Powdered and taking it 1st spoon a day a with a glass of water.

2. The next best thing is Paneer ka Phool or known as Paneer dodi which can be taken by soaking 4 - 5 pods overnight and drinking the same the next day morning empty stomach.

3. Then we have Jamun ka beej or Jamun gutli which can be powdered and can be taken 1 spoon of the powder with a glass of water.

4. One herb which is very good is Indrajau, which looks like rice and is good enuf to be taken .

Apart from these there are many other herbs which work in a good way.

These are to be taken on a consistent way and these show slow and steady results.



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Kaala Jeera, Bangla- Mangraila, Hindi is another aeons old anti-diabetic. I soak 150 gm each of Whole Channa, Urad & Peanut & 1 tbs of Methi & Mangraila after b'fast. Half I have for Dinner remaining for Breakfast without any cooking daily. Have a good lunch. Avoid all wheat or product as it contains GLYNET, a protein attracting fats so increases weight so Blood Sugar


Thank you for this posting

In these days when every thing is for sale it is nice to see that someone is offering information for free I too use herbs to keep my type 2 diabetes under control but I will keep your list for when I need to take a break from my normal ones

Once again thanks for sharing


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