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FENUGREEK SEED POWDER AND BITTER GOURD JUICE can be helpful in controlling blood sugar in diabetic patient in a specific ratio.


Fenugreek seed powder and bitter gourd both are used in controlling sugar in diabetic patient ans are able to stimulate the insulin hormone but it requires in the form of specific ratio. what quantity of bitter gourd and fenugreek seed powder should be . It is a critical question in front of patient how it should be used and in which form.either solid form or liquid form or gas form.patient can use it in either form. there are no problem for the patient patient knows only benefit of medicines. When it is used in accurate and proper ratio that makes benefit and profit to the patients. I have developed a good ratio in solid and liquid form. Some patients have got benefit from this ratio. patient of diabetic may take in trial if beneficial to them they can use regularly and can gets benefit from this ratio. What ratio I prepared if anybody want may contact us in my cell number 09983427060 and e mail id is aarizvi1012@gmail.com.But due to some problem I am unable to explain in this blog but I am sure and certain if any body uses it gets benefit and profit with satisfaction. For patient satisfaction is the main thing, if the patient does not get satisfaction from the medicine then the better medicines may be failed to the patient. So satisfaction makes a person fit and cure. This ratio is helpful in stimulating the beta cells of pancreas gland . It also improves the liver function because liver is the main root of diabetes it orders the pancreas to work properly.It also corrects the appetite and acts as a appetisers..It also provides benefits in purifying the blood and makes the blood thin. According to Ayurveda the bitter gourd and fenugreek seed powder are good for purifying the blood. if blood is pure everything is pure.

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I don't think there is any fixed ratio. You can take both the herbs at intervals and you can find out by trial and error method, which ratio is suitable for you.That will be fine.

ranga in reply to 1960

I agree with you . Solid or liquid form can be trail. Some small qty will do in the morning empty stomack


Frankly all this ratio business is "bakwaas". Both are good and can be taken by anybody for good health. No ratio will do magic. So dont confuse the public

yes people who is interested only in money better dont give advice . yes there is no ratio

both r good for health even if it doesnt help in curing diabities we can have this as much as we can.

Im attending National NCD conference arranged by CII DELHI. Top experts were today discussing and the question came on how many chors are there in the market. Do net get fooled.

Fenugreek has remarkable benefits on its own and so is Bitter gourd.

According to Swami Ramdev we have to take one KARELA one KAKDI/KHEERA/ CUCUMBER and one TOMATO. Take out their juice and drink on empty stomach. It does wonderful job in controlling Diabetes. Also after some time take Fenugreek powder or else soak one teaspoon of fenugreek in one big cup/glass of water and take this eat the soaked fenugreek seeds and drink its water also. It also reduces the arthritic pains.

I don't know the ratio but i drink juice of one medium size bitter melon daily and reduced my fasting sugar from 300 to 84 in 10 to 15 days and after eating it is 94 to 99 even i had a jaggery in the morning


this is main draw back of ayurveda...

There is vast variation in effectiveness of herb and that is season /place/soil dependent.

There are many varieties of karela.Similarly there are many varieties of karela.

It is very hard to get right combination.

Can anyone tell how many dose we have to take karela juice type 1 diabetes, and when we have take before meals or after meals

You have to keep a record of your intake to make an informed decision!

Steam cooked is better and you can have it with meals. Steam cooking is better then juice because when you steam cook you can eat 100%.

There are many green leaf veg you can steam cook for healthy life.

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