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Control dibeties

Hi, i m also dibeties person, recently i started to take metformin half per day, 7 days ago fbsl 198, pp286. Urine test, hb test, thyroid test, normal, whenever Take meals, mind become tightly, feel thirsty, urine, some eye sight, l started exercising, as sweding from body, i feel normal, doctor advice me wait for some days, since i m new, not about idea for dibeties, and maintaining our daily routines, pls guide me

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Get rid of the Metformin - and go to you local grocer and buy Karela and Fenugreek and stick to a sensible diet - I can assure you will have no side effects. Google it online and check it out I have been on this for 2 years, I have also done fasting blood test ( just to convince my Doctor ) I test every morning and I can honestly say - I am O.K

Try it and see - gook luck

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Wait for answers from helping hands!There are some experienced and expert people in the forum who are co-operative and honest too.They will definitely help you by giving suitable advice.They have helped me a lot and my situation is comparatively better and still promising.May God give them long life so that they may help more and more people.

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Very nice !


This is an advertisement for meter. If convenient enough go for Lab test. The strips for meter is costly. Consult a doctor regularly. Best wishes


Clearly your medicines are not working & dosed and salts needs titration. Metformin alone may not work with you and you may be requiring a combination drug.

With this level of PP & Fasting sugar, hardly any home remedies are going to work.

Get checked for insulin resistance .

Consult your doctor and never go for a cheap doctor or short cut treatment. Choose the best doctor in your town & consult him regularly.

Also invest in a a glucometer for regular home checks.

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Shasiroy ji

Purchasing a clucometer is not advertisement .It is absolutely necessary for diabetes management. The strips for glucometer is now Rs 11.It is available in E-bay on line.Initially it may require more strips for checking PPBS or FBS.But further on standardization of food and its corresponding blood spike will drastically reduce the cost. Hope you start LCHF and start counting carb on each menu and fix a particular meal for you with limited drugs or no drugs.Thanks.



Your levels are similar to the ones I had 3 months back when I was diagnosed.

Take metformiN xl 500mg twice a day. Just after meals initially and later if you can tolerate it take 20 mins before Breakfast and Dinner.

Buy a good meter for 2-3 reading initially till you achieve control.

Switch to LCHF diet. MR Anup singh will guide you.

Get all other tests like kidney function, liver function and Lipid level done with consultants of a good diabetologist.

Metformin is a good drug and you can take it form som time till you totally switch to LCHF diet which may take some time.

Don't listen to people who tells you not to do home monitoring. It's necessary till you achieve control.

Follow what all your dr says except the diet part. As far as diet is concerned follow only LCHF

Also get HBA1C done every 3 months and keep it in record.

Get a cardiovascular and optical check done for records.

Home remedies like karela, Amla, methi, jamun juices etc can be taken liberally.

Don't fall for any ayurvedic medicine as there are many ineffective medicines around which are shown as miracles.

Only metformin ( for some time like 6 months or a year) , LCHF and home monitoring along with home remedies will help.

Taper off or wean away from metformin once u switch to lcfh completely.

all the best...

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I forgot to add. Also incorporate daily morning walk of at least 40 mins.


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