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hi, i m sanket keer 25 year old, I want to know is there any permanent cure for diabetes...!!! i m suffering from diabetes because of that i lost my job please help!!


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  • No it cannot be cured as of now. So don't fall prey to any tall claims about CURING diabetes.

    However, it can be managed very well to land non diabetic numbers. I am a diabetic on ZERO drugs and fifth year running. Check my last four A1C values on my profile

  • Anup please help..!!!

  • Replied to your PM that you sent me.

  • Dear sanketkeer,

    Do not worry!There are some expert and experienced people in this forum.They are co-operative and honest too.They will surely help you as they have helped me a lot.My situation is now better with their help and it is still promising.So you please relax!Ask them for their suggestion and take care of their suggestion.

  • Hi sanketkeer,

    Its really unfortunate that you lost the job because of diabetes :(

    Don't loose hope because you got diabetes.

    The main thing is to understand diabetes and keep it under control. You have to learn to live with it for the rest of your life.

    You can follow Anup. He says he succesfully controlled diabetes without medicines with LCHF diet for last five years. You can try that.

    I believe that is the only hope available now. Because if you follow doctor's advice then you will have to take medicines for rest of your life and medicines will keep on increasing and so the expenditure !!

    Don't worry too much, control your BS levels, but never neglect diabetes!!

  • Sir, I am not alone now as an Indian on this diet. My forum has great number of diabetics who are daring diabetes by switching to LCHF diet which works and works really fast. I am not quoting a number as few guys start sniping on that. But, it was 160 even here before most of them moved out a year back due to continuous insults from a few.

    Yes, we will never claim curing diabetes, because diabetes is NON CURABLE, no matter what anyone says. If CURE mens not taking drugs, then even I am cured. But will I stand the OGTT 1 Hr peak? No way. People have shot up beynd 200 at 1 hr on OGTT and yet they claim they are cured on basis on 2 hr number. No non diabetic shoots beyond 120 on OGTT at any time. Even I am cured by that definition if only 2 hr numbers are to be looked at. But, I would never claim being CURED.

    Diabetes is a blessing in disguise if one takes the decision to TRASH the dietary guidelines of ADA/AMA/AHA/Mayo/et al and just refue to listen to what these so called diabetes experts offer wrt diet. Diabetics with 20 years diabetes history have gone off drugs completely on LCHF diet that we practice. Other have reduced drugs by 50-80%

    "Because if you follow doctor's advice then you will have to take medicines for rest of your life and medicines will keep on increasing and so the expenditure !!"

    A diabetic joined my forum just a few days back. He is spending Rs 2700 on two drugs Januvia 100 and Invokana 100. In addition he is spending money on 36 units insulin, plus a combination drug. So his monthly expenses on diabetes drugs alone us Rs 5000/Month. Why would any authority want that he goes on LCHF and ditches the two expensive drugs and yet attain non diabetic numbers? There's lot of money to be made by keeping people sick on a horrible diet called HIGH CARB LOW FAT.

  • where i get this LCHF diet

  • Check my profile:

    I have posted multiple links because that's allowed as per my discussion with administrator - Vesa.

    In short, you have to get off the roti chawal aaloo bandwagon and its very easy :)

  • For managing diabetes, experts here have already helped you with their knowledgeable answers :)

    As for your job, I am curious. how did you lose your job because of diabetes? Isn't that discrimination?

    Also, don't fret because you got diabetes at such a young age. I am the same age as you are and trust me, it will not stop you from living the life you want. It does take some precautions and efforts to manage it but it definitely isn't the end. With some planning and efforts, you will be able to manage it and live a normal life.

  • Pragya --

    I am sure you will be one of the many to lead the change :)

    It's all doable and practical once one relegates the usual dietary advise (high carb low fat) to dustbin and lead from front. All along, one has to learn to ignore the rigged/rehashed studies with the aim of scaremongering against Saturated FAT.

  • Mr. Anup,

    I am ever so grateful to you for your kind and highly motivating words :)

    I do hope that under your adept guidance I am able to make a difference, however small one.

    Everyday I come across 'diabetic' recipes that have maida and sugar as ingredients!! These recipes need to be junked and people need to be made aware.

  • can i have your no.

  • i want to talk some one

  • sanket its really unfortunate that you lost your Job For diabetes. if you can get the results of those who take away your job they are must be diabetes but you have not seen their reports

    Follow Mr. anup's various advice in this forum, and must do physical diabetes control is similar to cure as if you keep it under control it will not harm you at all and for this consciousness you will be more healthy long live person

  • I want some one who will guide me properly ...!!!i want to talk to somebuddy...i will happy if i get help from you guys.....please...!! this is my whatsapp no 7045026831

  • I have temporarily added your number so that u can get some respite and guidance. Sent you a msg so that you know who to reply to.

    Did this as an exception as you are nearly the same age (u r 3 years elder) as my son. Pl don't call as I don't answer calls from callers that I don't know personally. I block all calls from unlisted numbers.

  • If u want to cure you may visit Durg in chattisgarh where some ayurvedic churan is given in milk.50% is there success rate in 1st dose but for those dependant on insulin may take twice or thrice.just go with empty stomach in morning .all rickshaw,auto will take to indra chowk for of luck

  • Try to monitor the food you eat. Incorporate both the Long wheat mashed Diet Regime (LWMDR) reported by Shooter George (a member of the forum) and also follow the Low carb low Fat diet (LCLF) in combination.Avoid certain food (roots and fruits) posted earlier in this forum, exercise and drink lot of water and do not stress.

  • Dear Sanketkeer, You have gone through many posting in this forum.Just stick to Mr Anup advice.He is the father of LCHF diet.We follow him. Hope to see you with nondiabetic numbers.Thanks

  • Sir, I learned from others -- mostly from and adapted it to Indian ways, lived it for considerable period of time before I started talking about it here from Jan 2013 and I was the only one talking (and getting bashed for doing so) back then.

    Now, we are a big community of Indian diabetics on LCHF diet on

  • thanks for spreading the lchf idea.karim

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