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I m 45 old woman.I diagnosed diabetes type 2 two weeks ago.My blood sugar was 287 in i m taking medicine regularly plus diet and one hour workout(brisk walk and exercise).My sugar level is 140 in fast today.After diagnosed diabetes,I did not take medicine for four days,then my sugar level was 220 in morning and day time sometimes goes to 144.Please advice me how can i bring back my sugar level in normal stage without medication.

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  • Hallo sister, you must control your BS levels. According to your words yours exercises so far with some drugs minimised & controlled.Now you have to avoid no whites (means rice or wheat flavour including white sugar) , no roots & sweet fruits.You may try paneer doda or paneer ki phul 10 or 12 soaked whole night in a tumbler of water.Next morning you have to filter the remains and drink it with empty stomach. After 20 or 30 minutes only you may take others like tea or coffee which may be yours habit. After 10 or 15 days you feel some freshness within you (because diabetic people gets easily tired) Tiredness would be changed. According to BS variations you have to reduce your allopathic drugs.Very soon within 8 to 12 months of usage you may get normal if the GOD wishes.I got normal after these instructions. If you have more doubts kindly contact my no:09489079786 or my email Id < > Be blessed without Diabetes.

  • OANEER KI PHUL What is this I do not Know Please inform the details and what r the neutrtional valu of it It may be not aviable in Bangalore. If u know i please where avilable please informe Thanks

  • Paneer ke phool should be available in any Ayurvedic medicine store. I have been taking this for last 3 weeks and find marginal drop in my BS readings !!!

  • Thank U Pnchandra for your information Please inform how to use and then I try in medical shop and to start the use Paneer ke phool Thanks

  • Thanks Bahi . I will try paneer doda ,

  • You are doing fine.Please continue what are you doing.your blood sugar is coming down,give it more time.

  • Dear Ex Effect I have already checked in @ but did not receive any response so far, DO NOT KNOW WHY

  • But, I have not heard from d.Life ever since the day on 26th Aug when I had replied to Mr Anup Singh furnishing my entire DM history details the same day !!!

  • Yes sir Iam also now using the site and starting so much quiries in groups but any information through mail is not received so far Butwhen I opened the blog then it is noticed inrightside Please arrange to send mail for each discussions Thank U very much Sir for your respond

  • Thank all

  • Dear Mam,

    As advised in previous post..pls use paneer k phool..from my personal i can say experience it helps a lot...along with walk and diet you should try paneeer k phool.Dont go straight to allopethic medicine,try to control use diet anf paneer k phool.

  • Take Nutrition food if required call 9941306778 chennai

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