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I am 65 YEAR OLD . Homeopathic medicines gave great relief to me in all medical problems. I went to modern medicine nearly 33 years back . I do not say modern medicines are worthless. But many times greedy practises make us a pray to unnecessary prescriptions


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9 Replies

  • Agree with you entirety. Needs statutory intervention as it has become a mafia with connection in high places

  • I totally agree with you Sir.

  • I got relief from Vertico problem by using homeopathic medicines.

  • Ooh

    How interesting Girisha

    I too have suffered from vertigo

    Horrible it is too

    Could you let me know what remedies you found helpful ?

    Meds from docs didnt do much. And I'm a great believer in hoemopathic working ......


  • Hi

    I used Conium 200 for a fortnight,got good releif.

  • vertigo after and with sunstroke gets relief with glonine , with head injury from Arnica , N atsulf, with abstinence of sex conium . Some times constitutional medicine itself cures. Homeopathy works wonders after finding out and ruling out triggering factors, since it is on the principle likes cure likes . Thus it is highly individualised system.

  • silecea 6x daily 2 pills,

    phospharic acid im in powder form once in a month,

    Natmur 200 once in a week

  • Silecea for a better vision. BY REDUCING sugar and salt intake we can improve the vision with out going for the surgery when afflicted with cataract.

  • Any good homeopathy doctors in south bangalore?

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