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“Science is making models, mostly mathematical constructs, which with verbal explanations are supposed to work!” That was the opinion of one of the great brains in science, John von Neumann. Western science is lost in this mess and is searching for a better model for future research. A leading western scientist, Douglas C Wallace, writing in the famous Genetics Journal, has shown that the non-linear model of Asian medical systems like Ayurveda is more useful to human physiology and recommends those methods for future research! The mathematical base of modern medical research is linear while the human body is non-linear.

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  • What does, 'The mathematical base of modern medical research is linear while the human body is non-linear. mean?

  • Think more.....put more pressure on your brains...may be you will realize....

  • ragivrao

    Belle Monappa Hegde often abbreviated as B. M. Hegde (born 18 August 1938) is an Indian medical scientist, educationist and author. He is a retired Vice Chancellor of the Manipal University and the head of the Mangalore Chapter of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. He has authored several books on medical practice and ethics. He was Professor of Cardiology [Visiting] London University since 1982. He was Emeritus International Advisor to The Royal College of Physicians of London and Edinburgh. He was First Indian examiner for MRCP [UK] examination in the UK from 1988 to 1998. He was MRCPI examiner in Dublin since 2000 till 2009. He served as President of World Academy of Authentic Healing Sciences, Mangalore. He has been a Non Executive & Independent Director of Zydus Wellness Limited since July 29, 2009. Dr. Hegde has 47 years of teaching experience to undergraduates and postgraduates. He has been a professor of Medicine since 1973. Dr. Hegde, an elected fellow of the National Academy of Medical Sciences, has won Dr. B. C. Roy National Award in the category of an Eminent Medical Teacher, Dr. J. C. Bose Award for Life Sciences Research, PRIDE OF INDIA Award from the Pacific Association of Indians in California and many more. Dr. Hegde is Padma Bhushan awardee 2010. He is MBBS, Ph. D. [Hon. Causa], MD, FRCP [London], FRCP [Edinburgh], FRCP [Glasgow], FRCPI [Dublin], FACC [USA] and FAMS[10]He is also the Editor in Chief of the medical journal, Journal of the Science of Healing Outcomes. He was awarded the Dr. B. C. Roy Award in 1999. In 2010 He was honoured with a Padma Bhushan, one of India's highest civilian awards. Hegde is visiting faculty at many universities.

    Dear Prof. Hegde "Your efforts to relieve pain everywhere would succeed with God's grace."

    A P J Abdul Kalam

    Bharath Ratna

    President of India

  • Cure

    yaar kitni khabar rakhte ho !👏👏👏👏

  • yar suramo tere jaisa aur ek friend Google.

    Wo sab bata deta hai.... :d

  • 😜😜

  • a must watch video to everyone alerting the usage of ayurveda in safe way. All sciences are greedy but the doctors have just gone a little greedy

  • We will like to see double blind testing with control groups to see the efficacy of Ayurvedic medicines with statistical basis for recommended dosage. Without that it is all unbelievable.

  • pankajvarma1

    Hamare rishi muni ne kafi sanshodhan kiya hai. Jungles mein rhe hai. Thodi to baat mano unki. I tell you it's practically impossible not only to find doses but also efficacy. Ye statistic thik hai but give it a little importance.

  • bhai pankajvarma1 ye sab koun karega??? who will invest money??

    what is his benefit??

  • The society. We have to demand it for the govt to do it. Or get the industry to do it.

  • pankajvarma1

    Govt got its own priorities....

    and Industry do not see any profit in same.

  • Problem is that we people have not been demanding it from the Government or the Industry.

  • However pankajvarma1 you may search on net....there are many universities doing research work on Herbs described by Ayurveda.

  • Yes. Much of this research is to get Govt grants only. Medicines are also launched based on this research, which have still to become popular. But I have still to see any results of double blind testing, any refinement in dosage on the basis of such testing, or any any popular remedy being declared unsafe or ineffective after such testing.

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