Gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes

Hi all...this is my 7 times blood sugar profile bbf abf bl al bd ad &at 2pm.i m taking insulin regular/actrapid 2 units before lunch &actrapid 3units before dinner &insulin isophane 4 units after dinner ...but before taking insulin my profile was almost similar .plz doctor is taking desicion on d basis of glucometer reading ....but my venous sple reading are diffrent my doctor forecing me to get admitted by seeing my blood sugar prfile but i dont want to get admitted .i m in my 36 weeks of pregnancy.....plz suggest what should i do

In d chart the values in bracket are venous sample values


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  • 36 weeks mean expected date is pretty near. So, don't bother much about these things now. Blind dosing of insulin is never the right way and it should be based on carb and protein load in meal, before meal numbers, and you own I:C ratio.

    Per my experience, Accuchek meters read around 15% higher than lab. YMMV

    Pl note that non-diabetic pregnant women run lower blood sugars even in mid 60's. However, if that bothers you with worries of hypo, you can talk to your doc to reduce long acting insulin by a unit. That would push up the mid 60's values to mid 70's (and all fbs would move up by roughly 10 points by lab).

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