Diabetic capital

dear friends,

In next 10 to 20 years from now india is going to be diabetic capital of world.just imagine how many of us will live to see that day.Medical is noble profession,but big MNC have made it money making machine.Some of the doctor prescribed costly treatment instead generic med.Best way to avoid diabetic.

Advice people around you specially children, to eat healthy food,regular exercise and never touch junk food in market.


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  • Hi Dear,

    Could you please tell me where i get these long wheat in delhi/Noida

    also please describe the produre

    my contact no:9999993577

  • Yes abdul52, the drug industry survives on we being uneducated wrt diet and it's impact. Carb loaded food industry helps the drug industry. Diabetics should educate themselves to know how bad a high carb low fat diet is when it comes to managing diabetes and even cvd/chd, cancer, lipids.

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