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Healthy lifestyle & Good Nutrition

Diabetes is a serious metabolic disease caused by the body’s inability to produce proper amounts of insulin to regulate the usage and storage of sugar in the bloodstream. This can result in a multitude of life-threatening complications. These include heart disease, kidney failure, increased problems with infections and many types of circulatory problems.

Type 1, which occurs when the body cannot produce insulin. This tends to develop in children and young adults and requires multiple injections of insulin on a daily basis. Type 2 diabetes is by far the more common (90%) and is strongly associated with obesity, poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle. Type 2 is more common as we age and has a strong correlation with family history.

A study done by the medical community has proven that weight loss and exercise can prevent the development of Type 2 Diabetes! By weight reduction (5-7% of body weight), limiting fat intake, increasing fiber intake and by engaging in physical activity (30 minutes daily) produced a 58 % reduction in the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Compared to drug treatment, which only reduced the risk by 31% but also had the potential for creating other bad side effects

A healthy lifestyle with good nutrition can impact your condition positively. For more info send an email to healthdynamic101@gmail.com

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