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I am suffering from numbness in the soles of both feet since last four years. cannot walk even 50 /100 mtrs have to sit down somewhere for atleast ten minutes and than walk again. Also cannot lift my left left properly whilst climbing stairs. Cramps in muscles/calves of legs viz.at night. medication Glycomet GP1,keeps sugar unbder control. Further I am also an acute patient of Mystenia Gravis and am contantly on MYsten/Distinon 60 mg 2td and Omnacortil 10mg 1td. Tried homeopathic and auryedic also ,but no relief. can anybody help me. I am 71 yrs.of age. This is also leading to depression at times.

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You need to understand how much carbohydrate is in your food, and seek to lower it to reduce your blood glucose, and subsequently in consultation with your GP your medication


Please consult Dermatologist immediately,keep your blood sugar,lipids under control,get your liver enzymes checked especially ALT,AST before commencing the treatment.

Aceret-25,and Terbinafine tablets USP MAY ALSO HELP.


Perhaps you would like to reply to adi_bat instead of me?


You can try diavit plus and renerveplus injection upon your diabetic Dr's prescription. I am 62 and have numbness in my feet as you said. I used shoes of light weight with diabetic's shoe soul MCP (Micro Chrome Polymer) (don't use MCR-Microchrome Rubber) for walking, which gives comfort while walking. Always use socks/soft MCP chapels at home. In visiting temples always use thick cotton socks for your feet for walking. This will give you comfort while walking. Do a small exercise; while sitting comfortably, stretch your both legs and move up and down, left and right, rotate your feet clockwise and anti clock wise with convenient and without any strain, give massage to your leg from knee to foot, etc.


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