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Strong Statin-diabetes Link Seen In Large Study

In a study of nearly 26,000 beneficiaries of Tricare, the military health system, those taking statin drugs to control their cholesterol were 87 percent more likely to develop diabetes. The research confirms past findings on the link between the widely prescribed drugs and diabetes risk.

But it is among the first to show the connection in a relatively healthy group of people. The study included only people who at baseline were free of heart disease, diabetes, and other severe chronic disease.


So STATINS ARE DANGEROUS and BAD drug and is recklessly prescribed.

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STATINS are useless drug as a primary line of preventive drug for people with no history of CVD/CHD. It does more damage than good. Repeated studies have shown that it causes DIABETES which also means that diabetics who take it will have to switch to INSULIN sooner.


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