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can diabetes be cured by ayurvedic medicine


Hi All,

I am suffering from Diabetes 2, and currently on medication with Ayurvedic medicine. Initially I used general medicine. during those days, I had so many health problem. However, after using Ayurvedic medicine I am quite happy.

Will diabetes be cured by Ayurvedic medicine... Please help .

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If you are happy with the results, then what is the problem. As far as Ayurveda is concerned ,it is time tested system. At the same time diabetes is also known since time immorial in India when Ayurveda was at it peak, even then the cure for it was not found in Ayurveda .

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As best of my knowledge Firstly diabetes is not a disease So how can it be cured either

allopathy or

ayurveda or homeopathy . This thing is from peoples drag the persons

It is not diseases but disorder

Example in simple u have from fever, or Loose motion or skin infection it can be cured But this cannot be cured if u cannot control by diet and excersice and if required medicine This should be done until end of our life

further some of persons earlier noticed if controlproperly then BS level became normal and no other complications like heart problems HBP Kidney damages nuropathy and ratina eye problems may not happen

Even though BS raises above the normal it was not harm u but the parts of the body will damages slowly and above complication noticed .


I don't have diabetes 2 (yet), but I was diagnosed with insulin resistance a couple of years ago. My fasting insulin and blood sugar levels were within range, but close to the upper normal limit. I had been putting on a lot of weight before being diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and it was impossible for me to lose weight despite "optimal thyroid hormone levels". I decided not to take Metformin (I worried about ketoacidosis, a rare, but potentially fatal side effect), and opted for supplements instead (Diabecon and Hyponidd). I have been doing great on them, and losing weight for the first time in years. -15 kilograms so far. Nothing, and I mean nothing, else has enabled me to lose weight since the problems with my thyroid started; no diet, thyroid or weight loss drug, or supplement would make my weight budge. Now, for the first time in years, I am losing weight effortlessly, without being hungry or feeling deprived.

I believe that nature has great healing powers, sometimes superior to man-made chemical drugs.

I too have taken ayurvedic medicines and am happy with the results. More than medicines good control over food and regular exercise are important.

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For me, that did not work until I added the Indian supplements. For years, doctors told me to "eat less and exercise more". That simply did not work for me. Nobody believed me when I told them I exercised almost daily and followed WW, because then I should have lost weight...I am not saying food and exercise aren't important, just that sometimes, they are not enough for weight loss. They were before I had a thyroid problem; then, my whole endocrine system was messed up, and just treating the thyroid and follow a traditional diet did not do much for me.

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Please don't

Eat Less exercise more

Eat less exercise less

Eat moderately (don't gorge), exercise alternate days at least if you have not in the habit of regular exercise.

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