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Blood Glucose from 480 mg/dl to 84 mg/dl

I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 one month back and i brought it down to normal levels within one month after extensive online research, medications exercise and yoga. My fasting sugar was 305 mg/dl, pst meal 480 mg/dl. Today its 84mg/dl fasting, 140 mg/dl PP. I took both allopathic and herbal route. Special mention of Baba Ramdevs yoga and his suppliments. And heres is listed my efforts and meds.I was on a strict diet of 800 calories, skipped my dinner, and had my last meal at 7 pm.

Morning empty stomach :

- fenugreek seeds soaked overnight - 10 gms

- aloe vera juice 15 gms

- amla juice - 20 ml

-glucophage ( metformine) 850 mg

- madhu nashini vati patanjali - 2 tablets

- 30 minutes intense aerobics by bipasha basu ( refer youtube)

- neem capsule ( himalaya) - 1 tablet

- milk - 1 glass

- 2 egg ommellete


- glucophage - 500 mg

- cooked vegetables 250 gms.

Evening Meal at 7 pm ( last meal )

- aloe vera juice - 15 ml

- amla juice 10 ml.

- fruits ( watermelon, apples, papaya) 250 gms

- vegetables cooked -250 gms


emal: gspujji@gmail.com

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Good for you.

There appears to be no logical,plausible explanation to how you manage your diet.Desperate measure is how best I look at your doings!

LCHF followed religiously will give defenite measurable results and will cure many other attendant body malfunctions.

LCHF is time tested by very learned and experienced person. Let us follow a path shown by the persons who are champions of this cause.They have defied ADA to live.

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