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Nephrotic syndrome


My 3 yr old child suffers from Nephrotic syndrome problem for the last 2 years.. We initially started with allopathic medicines i.e., steroids but due to side effects we switched over to homeopathy treatment for the last 6 months. Progress is better but still relapses occurs & swellings in face & abdomen occurs. Steroids has been tapered & still taking a low dose. Is this disease can be cured fully? How long will it take? Because of this problem am unable to send my child to school since her immunity level is very low..

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homeopathy will not work for nephrotics.

get back to a good nephrologist,otherwise it will progress silently under

Homeopathic which will be ineffective, although not harmful


Sir, we lost one child to this disease despite of being under care of Dr Meherban Singh, the HOD Pedeatric Nephrology, but as the result of this experience, we were able to bring out another child, from Nephrotic Syndrome, courtesy experience and the doctors, who supported us in the fight. Steroids are silent killers and rather make the changes permanent, in the kidney, and hence the treatment strategy have to be very different. I am too eager to share our experiences with you, and would wish your child to come out of the problem. Another doctor couple friend of ours is also struggling with thier child being a Nephrotic victim, but they have been able to make the child survive over last 15 years or so. Please feel free to contact on my personal mail where please leave your name n contact details. Best wishes - Sanjiv Gupta


Forgot to mention my mail id - sanjiv.gupta@yahoo.com


I tend to agree with rnpath.Paediatric Nephrotic syndrome is of many types,but without going into details,i will also suggest you to continue using prednisolone,as per your physicians advice.There are are phases of remission in this disease and as the child grows up the remissions will be longer and by the time she reaches her adulthood, there will be no trace of any kidney disease. so please have patience and don't do any thing irrational.As you must be knowing that this disease is due to imbalance in immune system. And with strengthening of this system with age ,things will improve.All is needed is great patience and faith. With all the best wishes.


My grandson also suffered. First i started with allopathy ,steroid for six month course. in the mean time i started with homo pathic which i continued for about two years.


how is your grand son now? is he get cured fully?


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